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Farm Fresh Peaches callout
Orchard Fresh Peaches
Farm Fresh Peaches
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Orchard Fresh Peaches
Orchard Fresh Peaches
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Florida Peacahes
Petite Florida Peaches
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Georgia Peaches: Georgia Peaches For Sale Online
Sweet Georgia Peaches
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Where to Buy Georgia Peaches, Orchard Fresh Peaches, and Petite Florida Peaches?

At Hale Groves, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, juiciest, ripest fruit—and that includes our peaches. Hale offers three types of peachesGeorgia PeachesOrchard Fresh Peaches, and our Petite Florida Peaches. All three kinds of peaches make the ultimate food gift. Store fresh peaches at room temperature and avoid storing in the refrigerator until they are fully ripe or becoming overripe.

In the mood for a delicious peach? You don’t have to wait until summer – fresh Florida Peaches are the springtime treat! 

Sweet Georgia Peaches arrive earlier and taste fresher than peaches from other growing regions. At Hale Groves, we hand select only the top few percent of peaches that meet our high standards for fragrance, juiciness and flavor. Whether you enjoy them whole, sliced, served in your favorite cereal, atop yogurt or in a baked recipe, you will want to order your box of peaches before the growing season ends.

Where are Orchard Peaches Grown?

At Hale Groves, summer-sweet peaches last longer when you purchase orchard peaches. Hale Groves uses a fresh peach grower in Idaho who also shares the same deep passion for growing, picking, packing and shipping only the most incredible quality fruit.

Health Benefits of Peaches

One fresh peach (about 2 1/2 inches) has only 68 calories and zero fat. Peaches contain 10 different vitamins. A large peach provides Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, beta carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, magnesium, potassium and more. They are filled with health benefits including helping to fight various types of cancers, maintaining healthy skin and eye health, improving cholesterol levels, boosting the immune system and more.

Fresh Peaches for Sale

At Hale Groves, we guarantee that customers will receive their peaches gifts as fresh as possible. We ensure that every box of shipped Georgia Peaches arrives on time with only the freshest, ripest fruit. We ship peaches in our signature crush-proof boxes for blemish-free arrival. At Hale, we guarantee our peaches will land on your doorstep and taste like they were just picked off the tree a few minutes before. Our customers have continued to shop with Hale Groves because they know that we make their satisfaction our number one priority. Buy Georgia Peaches from Hale Groves online this summer, for Father’s Day, the Fourth of July or any other day you just want to sweeten up your summer. Order peaches online for birthdays, anniversaries, as a get-well gift, to say thank you or to enjoy on your own or with friends or family.

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