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Fruit Season Calendar

Fruit Calendar
Fruit Type Start Month End Month
Ruby Red Grapefruit November July
White Grapefruit November February
Dark Red Grapefruit November March
Navel Oranges November May
Tangerines November May
Honeybells January February
Temples February March
Cara Cara Oranges January April
Tangelos April April
Mandarin Oranges December January
Valencia Oranges June July
Orchard Apples November January
D'Anjou Pears November January
Comice Pears October February
Starkrimson Pears October February
Bartlett Pears September October
Georgia Peaches June July
Bing Cherries June July
Rainier Cherries June July
Florida Mangos August September

Bartlett Pears

Available in September, have a true pear shape and light green skin that turns yellow as they ripen. Sweet and juicy, it holds its shape when cooked.

Bing Cherries

Available in June and July. With juicy, super-sweet flesh and a deep red color, they are high in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C.

Comice Pears

Available October through January. Very sweet and abundantly juicy, their flesh is often described as silky and creamy.

Deep Red Grapefruit

Available November through March, are seedless with a dark pinkish red interior. With thin yellow-pink skin, they are quite sweet with a pleasant hint of bitterness.

Georgia Peaches

Available in June and July, are fragrant, sweet, and very juicy, with a sunset-hued thin skin. They’re ideal for snacking or baking.


Available November through May, are considered the sweetest tangerines available. With juicy flesh and bright flavor, they are ideal for snacking.


Available in January and February, are so called because of their slight bell shape and super-sweet flesh, they are a favorite of citrus lovers. They have a very short growing season and are prized for their intense flavor.

Navel Oranges

Available from November to May. The largest of all orange varieties, this thin-skinned fruit is a favorite because of its irresistible pure orange flavor.

Orchard Apples

Available in October and November, have thin skin and crisp, sweet flesh. They’re perfect for eating out of hand, putting in salads, or baking into your favorite dessert.

Rainier Cherries

Available in July. Golden with a pinkish red blush, these cherries are incredibly sweet with a caramel-like finish.

Cara Cara Oranges

Available November through December, have orange skin and beautiful red flesh. Even sweeter than traditional navel oranges, these are a seasonal favorite and perfect for eating and juicing.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

Available November through May. Thin-skinned with a pinkish blush, the interior of these grapefruit is ruby hued and super sweet, with a balanced hint of acidity.

South Florida Mangos

Available in August. Oblong, with a green skin that turns yellow, red, and orange when ripe, South Florida Mangos have silky smooth, super juicy flesh with a mild, tropical flavor.

Sugar Belles

Available in December, are a cross between Honeybelles and Clementines. With an easy-to-peel “zipper” skin and luscious, super-sweet flesh, these are a once-a-season specialty.

Temple Oranges

Available January through March. Balanced with a sweet-tart flavor and a thick but easy-to-peel skin, they are bright orange and juicy.

Valencia Oranges

Available March through May, are often considered the best for juicing. Balanced in flavor with only a few seeds, they are also great for snacking.

White Grapefruit

Available November through February. A Southern classic, these grapefruit have nuanced sweet-tart flavor and lots of juice, ideal for breakfast snacking or juicing.