• sumo citrus yogurt

    Hale Groves Sumo Citrus Greek Yogurt Recipe

      Greek yogurt bowls are a great way to have a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack that is filled with fresh ingredients and also provides a boost of protein. Greek yogurt is creamy and tangy, providing a refreshing and slightly sour base. The addition of Sumo Citrus provides a sweet touch, with a bright citrusy flavor that complements the yogurt. Cacao adds a rich and slightly bitter chocolate taste that balances out the sweet orange flavor. Finally, fresh mint delivers a fresh and herbaceous note, adding a cool and refreshing finish to this healthy treat. This Greek Yogurt bowl recipe…

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    • grapefruit buttermilk muffins

      Hale Groves Ruby Red Grapefruit Buttermilk Muffins Recipe

        Hale Groves Ruby Red Grapefruit Buttermilk Muffins are a delightful breakfast treat that’s both tangy and sweet. The combination of sweet, zesty Ruby Red Grapefruit and rich buttermilk gives the muffins a complex flavor profile that will elevate your Sunday brunch and complement any savory breakfast. A muffin pan and paper muffin cups make baking and cleanup simple and fast. Preparing these muffins is as easy as mixing the dry ingredients, adding the eggs, grapefruit juice, zest, and a few more items and blending it all into a smooth batter. The ruby red grapefruit adds a refreshing burst of citrus…

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      • sumo citrus salmon

        Hale Groves Sumo Citrus Glazed Salmon

          Citrus and seafood always work well together, but this Sumo Citrus Glazed Salmon goes beyond the traditional lemon wedges served with fish and chips. Unlike many types of fish, rich salmon hardly shrinks when cooked and, when paired with the sweet citrus flavors of Sumo Mandarins, this seafood favorite makes a sophisticated dinner indeed. Pan searing provides texture and finishing this dish in the oven broiler with a sliced Sumo Citrus topping makes for a presentation that is pleasing to both the eye and the taste. Pair this easy but elegant Sumo Citrus Glazed Salmon with a fresh salad and…

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        • honeybell barbeque sauce

          Hale Groves Honeybell Barbecue Sauce

            Making your own barbecue sauce is easy, fun, and rewarding. Our Honeybell Barbecue Sauce combines the fresh flavor of Honeybell Oranges with sweet Galliano to make a gourmet sauce worthy of any blue ribbon barbecue. You can make it mild, medium, or hot by adjusting the amount of hot sauce you add and regardless of how spicy you like it, the finished sauce will be great for ribs, burgers, chops, pulled pork, and even wings.Read the ingredients and directions and make your own Honeybell Barbecue Sauce for your next cookout or neighborhood barbecue contest. You can even make extra to…

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          • sumo citrus chicken

            Hale Groves Sumo Citrus Chicken

              Sumo Mandarins are extra juicy, sweet, and perfect for adding citrus flavor to traditional Orange Chicken. This recipe combines a number of complimentary ingredients and the result is a tangy, spicy, succulent dish that, when served over hot rice, makes a full meal. Sumo Citrus Chicken is ideal for those times when you are ready for a new dinner dish to add variety to your normal routine. The thick and satisfying sauce adds flavor to both the chicken and the rice, and makes this one of those dishes that is just as good, or maybe even better, the following day.…

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            • fennel salad with grapefruit

              Hale Groves Grapefruit, Goat Cheese, and Fennel Salad

                We all know that salads are good for us, and including a salad with meals, or even making a full lunch from salad, can be a healthful habit. But as anyone who eats salads often might tell you, always using the same salad ingredients can become tiresome to the taste buds. This Grapefruit, Goat Cheese, and Fennel Salad will surely provide a welcomed twist to any salad routine. The tart flavor of fresh Grapefruit combined with creamy, tangy goat cheese and sweet, crisp fennel makes for a complex but delicious salad. Pine nuts and a home made dressing complete the…

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              • cooked brussels with oranges

                Hale Groves Brussels Sprouts with Oranges and Bacon

                  Brussels Sprouts have always adorned well set tables at holidays like Christmas and Easter, but recently this delicious vegetable has become a favorite side dish for any occasion. Zesty oranges and smoky bacon add layers of flavor to this easy-to-make dish. The next time you need a veggie side dish to complement your grill night, try these Brussels Sprouts with Oranges and Bacon and get ready to serve seconds. Thin-skinned oranges work well here, so Tangerines, small Navels, and Honeybells are ideal choices. You will be slicing them thin and cooking them with the skin on, which is then eaten.…

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                • honeybell meringue pie

                  Hale Groves Honeybell Pie

                    When you need to make a dessert for a family gathering, dinner party, or holiday event, try this Honeybell Pie and exceed the normal lemon and apple pie expectations with style. Hale Honeybell’s are treasured for their honey-sweet flavor and ample amounts of refreshing juice, making them perfect as the main ingredient in desserts like this one. Assemble these simple, fresh ingredients and make this stunning Honeybell Pie which is sure to win over everyone who gets a slice. Make one or two today and enjoy. Ingredients 3/4 Cup Sugar 1/4 Cup Cornstarch 1/4 tsp Salt 1-1/2 Cups of Honeybell Juice…

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                  • navel oranges and goose

                    Hale Groves Navel Orange Goose

                      When your holiday gathering or special occasion dinner calls for a gourmet entre bursting with flavor, then this Navel Orange Goose with caramelized shallots is sure to please. This recipe works well for a twelve to thirteen pound goose, and will serve six. Hale Navel Oranges add the perfect note of sweetness and the Madeira glazed shallots elevate the already succulent goose to new heights. Simple sides such as steamed vegetables and a Caesar salad are all this main dish needs to make a complete meal fit for your most treasured guests. Blanching the goose quickly then refrigerating for two…

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                    • grapefruit smoothie bowl

                      Hale Groves Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

                         Jazz up your morning breakfast with this deliciously different take on the old half of a grapefruit. This Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl is zesty, creamy, and nutritious. And you can customize it with many toppings of your choice so that this breakfast bowl will never get old. Frozen dark cherries add even more antioxidants and combine with the other unique ingredients to make our Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl not only tasty, but pretty in pink. Read through the recipe, grab the ingredients, and make this easy but oh-so-good for you treat soon. Ingredients 1 Hale Grapefruit, peeled, seeded, and segmented ½ Cup…

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