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  • grapefruit buttermilk muffins

    Hale Groves Ruby Red Grapefruit Buttermilk Muffins Recipe

    Hale Groves Ruby Red Grapefruit Buttermilk Muffins are a delightful breakfast treat that’s both tangy and sweet. The combination of sweet, zesty Ruby Red Grapefruit and rich buttermilk gives the muffins a complex flavor profile that will elevate your Sunday brunch and complement any savory breakfast. A muffin pan and paper muffin cups make baking and cleanup simple and fast. Preparing these muffins is as easy as mixing the dry ingredients, adding the eggs, grapefruit juice, zest, and a few more items and blending it all into a smooth batter. The ruby red grapefruit adds a refreshing burst of citrus…

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  • honeybell meringue pie

    Hale Groves Honeybell Pie

    When you need to make a dessert for a family gathering, dinner party, or holiday event, try this Honeybell Pie and exceed the normal lemon and apple pie expectations with style. Hale Honeybell’s are treasured for their honey-sweet flavor and ample amounts of refreshing juice, making them perfect as the main ingredient in desserts like this one. Assemble these simple, fresh ingredients and make this stunning Honeybell Pie which is sure to win over everyone who gets a slice. Make one or two today and enjoy. Ingredients 3/4 Cup Sugar 1/4 Cup Cornstarch 1/4 tsp Salt 1-1/2 Cups of Honeybell Juice…

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  • grapefruit smoothie bowl

    Hale Groves Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

     Jazz up your morning breakfast with this deliciously different take on the old half of a grapefruit. This Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl is zesty, creamy, and nutritious. And you can customize it with many toppings of your choice so that this breakfast bowl will never get old. Frozen dark cherries add even more antioxidants and combine with the other unique ingredients to make our Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl not only tasty, but pretty in pink. Read through the recipe, grab the ingredients, and make this easy but oh-so-good for you treat soon. Ingredients 1 Hale Grapefruit, peeled, seeded, and segmented ½ Cup…

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  • peach pudding

    Hale Groves Tennessee Peach Pudding

     Tennessee Peach Pudding is an old-fashioned recipe that has stood the test of time because it is both incredibly delicious and easy to make. Although it’s called a pudding, it’s actually closer to a cobbler. When paired with vanilla ice cream no dessert can top it. Fresh Peaches take center stage in this sweet fruit dessert that will become a favorite of all who sample it. Be ready to share the recipe with friends and family when you make a batch of Tennessee Peach Pudding for your next dinner party or neighborhood get together. Ingredients 1 Cup all-purpose flour ½…

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  • mango stick

    Hale Groves Mango Sticks

    Street food is made to eat on the go and many recipes that started on the corner are now household favorites. Street Food Recipes have moved from the sidewalk into the kitchens of both professional and home chefs around the world. Not to be left out, the delicious and nutritious Mango has made its way into the hands of thousands through this traditional Mexican Street Food preparation. Far from just a mango on a stick, Mango Sticks are made in such a way that you can eat this juicy, tropical delicacy with ease. These fruit snacks are also called Mango…

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  • Florida peaches

    Hale Groves Healthy Florida Peach Crisp

    Fabulous news – you don’t have to wait until summer to enjoy a delicious, sweet peach crisp! This recipe uses Hale Groves’ own Petite Florida Peaches, which are harvested in late winter. Even better, this healthy, all-natural recipe makes a great breakfast or elegant dessert. Treat yourself to a taste of summer early! Ingredients: 6 Hale Groves Petite Florida Peaches, sliced (about 4 c.) 1 Tbsp. cornstarch 1 Tbsp. lemon juice 1 c. old fashioned rolled oats ½ c. pecans or almonds, chopped ½ c. almond flour ⅓ c. maple syrup ¼ c. coconut oil, melted 1 tsp. vanilla ½…

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  • Tangerine Tanghulu

    Tanghulu (meaning “candied haws” in Mandarin) refers to a traditional treat of fruit coated in hardened sugar on skewers and sold by Chinese street vendors. Sweet, tangy and crunchy, these citrusy treats are fun to make and are a delightful dessert or afternoon snack for kids. Ingredients: 2-3 Hale Groves Honey-Sweet Tangerines, Mandarins or Gold Nuggets 1½ c. granulated sugar ¾ c. water Directions: Thread three tangerines onto wooden skewers and set aside. Stir together sugar and water in a small pot and set over low heat until sugar has dissolved. Bring to a boil over medium heat until syrup…

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  • Grapefruit Mint Lime Parfait

    A drizzle of honey balances out the tartness of the grapefruit and lime to make this healthy, all-natural parfait simply delicious. Torn mint leaves add just the right amount of cool refreshment. Ingredients: 4 Hale Groves Ruby Red Grapefruit 4 c. reduced-fat plain yogurt 2 tsp. lime zest, grated 2 Tbsp. lime juice 3 Tbs. honey Fresh mint leaves, chopped (for garnish) Directions: Cut thin slices from top and bottom of each grapefruit and stand fruit upright on cutting board. Cut off peel and outer membrane from grapefruit. Cut along membrane of each segment to remove fruit. In a large…

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  • Citrus Squares

    Expecting guests? These zesty citrus squares are sure to make a hit! Full of seasonal citrusy flavor, these delicious, fancy cookies are an elegant addition to your holiday gathering. Use Navel Orange slices in place of the Clementines for garnish for more bright color on a dreary winter’s day! Ingredients: For the crust: 1½ c. all-purpose flour 3 Tbsp. corn starch ¼ tsp. salt ¾ c. unsalted butter, softened ⅓ c. sugar 6 Tbsp. red currant jelly For the filling: 2 large eggs 2 large egg yolks ½ c. sugar ½ c. sweetened condensed milk ⅓ c. all-purpose flour Pinch…

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  • Navel Orange Cheesecake Breakfast Rolls

    Looking for a special treat on a Thanksgiving or Christmas morning? These citrus-y rolls make a nice alternative to traditional cinnamon. For best flavor, use juice and zest from a Hale Groves Navel Orange. To make these rolls ahead of a special occasion, prepare, shape and place the rolls in a baking pan as directed, then cover and refrigerate overnight. Let them come to room temperature before baking and glazing. Be sure to refrigerate any leftovers (if there are any, which we doubt!). Ingredients: For the rolls: 2 packages (1/4 oz. each) active dry yeast ¾ c. warm water 1¾…

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