Peach Kale Breakfast Smoothie

The Hale Groves Team

Sweet enough to satisfy your cravings, but a nutritional powerhouse thanks to vitamin-rich kale and healthy and delicious peaches, this quick and easy smoothie is a colorful, yummy way to start your day! Grated ginger gives it the right touch of heat, while crunchy almonds add texture. Tip: Got some peaches that need to be used up? Freeze them to use later in this simple recipe!


4-5 fresh Hale Groves Peach slices

1 cup frozen peach slices

¾ c. chopped kale with stems removed, divided

½ c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

¼ c. plain low-fat yogurt

2 tsp. lemon juice

1 tsp. honey

¼ tsp. grated fresh ginger

2 Tbsp. sliced almonds, toasted


  • In a blender, combine frozen peach slices, ½ cup of kale, almond milk, yogurt, lemon juice, honey, and ginger. Cover and blend until smooth.
  • Pour smoothie into a bowl. Top with fresh peach slices, remaining ¼ cup kale, and almonds.

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