Is it Safe to Eat the Skin of a Peach?

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Georgia peach season is upon us, and trust us – you don’t want to miss out! But maybe you’ve been wary of eating fresh peaches yourself or giving peaches as gifts because you’ve heard rumors that unpeeled peaches are toxic. Have no fear – not only are peach skins not toxic to humans, they can even provide some health benefits.

So where did the toxic rumor come from?

If you’ve worried that the skin of a peach might be toxic, you might be mixing it up with its pit or stone. The pits of stone fruits (such as peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries and apricots) contain a compound called amygdalin, which breaks down into hydrogen cyanide (a poison) when ingested. That said, you’d have to ingest a lot of pits before they’d have any effect on your health, so don’t worry if you’ve accidentally swallowed a cherry pit or piece of peach stone. If you’re making a smoothie, though, do make sure you remove the pits from your stone fruits before adding them to the blender.

Why peaches (skin and all) are so good for you.

As for the skins of fresh Georgia peaches – not only can you eat them, you really should! Peach skins provide more fiber and antioxidant compounds than peeled peaches, so a whole peach may confer more health benefits than a peeled one. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Sweet peaches as a whole are a good source of energizing complex carbs, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They also provide antioxidants that fight reactive molecules called free radicals, which cause oxidative damage and may lead to disease.
  • Peach skins contribute much of the 3 grams of fiber found in a large peach. Thus, eating a peach with its skin is the best way to get the most fiber out of it.
  • Peach skins contain more antioxidant compounds, including polyphenols like caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, than the flesh.

Where to buy Georgia Peaches

Wondering where you can find fresh peaches for sale? Peaches in GA can be hard to find if you don’t live in Georgia because the state has no major processing facilities; thus, you need to think fresh if you wan to buy peaches from Georgia.

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