How Many Oranges Are Needed to Make Orange Juice?

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Remember that old commercial where the cartoon boy asks the cartoon owl how many licks it takes to get to the chocolate center of a lollipop? In case that was before your time, the answer was “three” – at least, that’s how many licks it took before the owl got impatient and chomped through the candy to get to the chocolate!

Figuring out how many oranges go into an 8-ounce cup isn’t quite so nebulous, but it’s still not an exact science – the general rule of thumb is that three, medium-sized oranges equals eight ounces of juice. But depending on the size, type, and juiciness of the oranges for juice you use, it could be as few as two – or as many as four.

That seems like a lot of oranges for a small amount of juice, but if you have a case of oranges you need to use up, juicing can be a great way to do that! You should consider what variety of oranges you have, however, before you decide on how to use them.

The Best Type of Orange for Juicing

Most fresh oranges can be used to make delicious orange juice, but some varieties are better than others. If you are a fan of the sweet Navel Orange (like Hale Groves’ own popular Grove Navel Oranges), you may think it would make a delicious juice, and you’d be right in terms of taste. But keep in mind that the flesh of the popular Navel contains Limonin, an antioxidant that turns the juice bitter after a short time (sometimes as quickly as half an hour). This makes it impractical to store juice made from the Navel Orange, which is generally best when you want to eat a fresh orange out of hand.

If you want to make a large batch of orange juice you can enjoy over a few days, a better choice would be Hale Groves’ Heritage Valencia Oranges. These summer oranges are very juicer – much juicier than Navels. While they are not, like Navel Oranges, seedless, you’ll get more juice from a Valencia than you would from a Navel Orange of a similar size.  Also, Valencia Oranges are a little tangier and not quite so sweet as navels, making the juice a better accompaniment alongside a meal.

Oranges as a Summertime Treat

If you’ve been in the habit of thinking of oranges as a wintertime treat (perhaps you’ve received or sent orange gifts during the winter holidays), it may be time to think again! Typically available from March through September, Valencia Oranges can brighten your summer months even as Navels brighten the winter months.

While it might seem strange to send orange baskets for spring and summer holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, fresh Valencias make the perfect juice to enjoy at an outdoor brunch. So order the best citrus online doesn’t have to stop when spring starts – Hales Groves starts offering Valencia Oranges for sale later in the spring, and you can pre-order them alone or in an orange fruit basket including our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit (another breakfast treat)!

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