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Dwarf Valencia Orange Tree callout

Dwarf Valencia Orange Tree

Grow your own juicing oranges at home!

Imagine heading out to your patio on a summer morning, plucking a few oranges off your potted oranges tree, and bringing them inside to squeeze into fresh orange juice, unlike anything you could buy in stores!

Even if you live in a cooler climate this can be you. Valencia Oranges (summer fruit in the US) are known the world over for their sweet flavor and long-lasting flavor when juiced. A Dwarf Valencia Orange Tree from Hale Groves can be kept in a container so it can be moved indoors when the temperatures drop and a tropical addition to your patio the rest of the time.

  • Grow your own oranges from March through June
  • Potted plant produces dark evergreen leaves, sweet-smelling blossoms, and delicious, full-size Valencia Oranges
  • Self-pollinating tree produces fruit without a second tree nearby
  • A great gift in lieu of flowers

Dwarf Valencia Orange Tree

Approx. 5 lbs.
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