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3 Gallon Key Lime Tree

Can’t find Key Limes locally? Grow your own!

Obtaining Key Limes outside Florida can be hit-and-miss, but when you grow your own Key Lime Tree at home, you can enjoy these gourmet limes whenever you like! This gorgeous, bushy evergreen is easy to grow indoors full or part of the time so even folks in cooler climes can enjoy them, and you’ll love the tropical flair it will add to your décor – and the citrus-y scent the leaves and flowers spread through the air.

Then there’s the fruit...also known as Mexican Limes or the Bartender’s Lime, Key Limes are round, golf ball-sized limes whose distinctive flavor is especially prized in the making of their namesake pie. Use them in special recipes or in place of regular limes…our Container Key Lime Bush will ensure you can enjoy the delicious, deep-green fruit whenever you like.

  • 18-30 Inches Tall
  • Lovely plant produces plump and juicy Key Limes
  • Will thrive in an indoor environment with proper care
  • Self-pollinating and easy to grow
  • A great gift in lieu of flowers
Trees do not ship to Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, Hawaii, Louisiana, Puerto Rico or Texas.

Key Lime Tree

Approx. 6 lbs.
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