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3 Gallon Ponderosa Lemon Tree

Beautiful ornamental plant produces edible fruit!

Now you can buy a lemon tree online of your very own from Hale Groves! Our Potted Ponderosa Lemon Tree produces a burst of sweetly scented white flowers, shiny dark green leaves, and pale-yellow fruit that can be used in place of conventional lemons in recipes or when you need zest.

Why send flowers when you can surprise them with this fragrant, long-lasting ornamental showpiece? A mid-sized tree that can be kept smaller for small-space gardens or in patio planters, this tropical houseplant can be moved indoors to a sunroom or by a bright window in the winter so those living in cooler climates can enjoy homegrown lemons, too.

  • 18-30 Inches Tall
  • Ornamental plant with dark green leaves gives off a citrus-y scent
  • Produces rare and fragrant white, purple tipped flowers
  • Grow pale-yellow, fragrant fruit you can eat or use in recipes
  • A great gift for many occasions
Trees do not ship to Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, Hawaii, Louisiana, Puerto Rico or Texas.

Ponderosa Lemon Tree

Approx. 6 lbs.
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