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Retail Store Location

Hale Store Closed

We started out in 1947 with just a small roadside stand selling citrus in Indian River County. Over the years, our mail order business grew and grew, even as the local retail business dramatically changed. Today, Hale Groves is the largest Florida gift fruit shipper, shipping more than a half a million gift packages each year to friends, family, and colleagues all over the U.S. We have the highest quality standards for consistent, fresh fruit flavor and nutrition in the world.

As our mail order and web business has grown, our retail business has grown much smaller. It is so small, in fact, that we can no longer justify a permanent retail presence, despite how much we love interacting with and value our local customers. So, one chapter is ending for us, but another chapter will inevitably begin. Stay tuned as we explore additional ways to share our citrus and juice with the local community. Thank you as always for your support.