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Honeybell Kisses
Florida honeybell gift

Sweet wishes for Valentine’s – or any day.

This gift box features 16 snack-sized Hale Honeybells, wrapped as shown, surrounded by our Honeybell candy and gourmet chocolate lips. The same fabulous fruit you’ve come to expect, now packed in a special, smile-making box.

The Honeybell Gift Card: When you order Honeybell gifts for Christmas, we'll send your recipients a special card in December to announce that your gift will arrive in January, at is peak of freshness and flavor.

When ordered for Valentine's Day delivery, this gift will arrive the first week of February.

Honeybell Ecard
  • 16 Snack Sized Honeybells

  • 2 oz. Honeybell Hard Candies

  • 6 Gourmet Foil Wrapped Chocolate Lips

Review Summary


5 Best oranges I've ever tasted
from wrote (January 24, 2014):
I'm from FL but haven't lived there in decades. When I tasted these fruits I realized I haven't had a good orange basically since I left FL. But my daughter who lived there more recently said these are even better than most FL oranges she's had. I can believe that - they are just wonderful. And by the way - good fruit, not as good as this, is very expensive these days all over the world. These pri
5 Honeybell Smiles
from wrote (January 18, 2014):
Gift from my MOM ~ Excellent
5 Honeybells to Annie Lou, from MattieJan
from wrote (January 14, 2013):
These Honeybells are outstanding, this year........sweet and SO juicy, by far the best I have ever had.Thank you, Mattie Jane
4 Best Citrus you can eat!
from wrote (December 29, 2012):
These cross breeds are the best of the best in citrus, to eat and juice. Easy to peel and eats like a large tangerine. Almost too sweet. Getting a bad box is very depressing, especially since I ordered them to go to three different people. The first box received was horrific. Most of the fruit didn't even resemble honey bells and were smaller than a mandrin with a sour/sweet taste. Hope the
3 Disappointed
from wrote (February 13, 2012):
I placed this order in December and didn't received the oranges until Feb 10. They weren't what I had expected seeing then on TV. They didn't have the juice that was shown to me many times and the pulp was a little dried. I don't think I will order thise again.
5 Delicious!
from wrote (January 22, 2012):
I received these as a gift. Ate all 16 in about a week and am now reordering. And I am not usually a fruit eater!
5 best honeybells ever!!!!!
from wrote (January 21, 2011):
every year I always buy honeybells at this time of the year. I found your site and decided to tryHales. It was well worth it! Best I havehad. I am a honeybell addict! I could eat them allday long...nicely packaged,very fresh I plan to buyagain today and just got my order 3 days ago!

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Honeybell Kisses

Available January 02, 2018 - February 09, 2018

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Honeybell Kisses

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