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Have you ever considered sending gifts to your clients at the holidays?

Corporate gifting (AKA business gifting) is a great way to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. It’s also a great way to forge potential new clients, as corporate gifts can work far towards reinforcing your brand. But when it comes to clients who regularly do business with you, it’s a good idea to skip notepads with your company logo on it and go with something they’ll truly appreciate.

Why You Should Order Fruit Baskets for Your Clients

It’s always a good idea to give fruit as a gift when you’re not sure what to get. When you choose fruit for gifts, it’s almost always is well-received because fruit is universally loved falls in with many dietary restrictions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your recipients’ tastes, or what they may have already like you would with a gift of clothing or décor. Most folks would be happier to receive a basket of oranges over a sweatshirt with your corporate logo on it!

A Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket is Shareable

When your Christmas fruit basket goes further, so does your corporate reach! That’s why it’s a good idea to mail gift baskets with a variety of items packed inside. A box or basket containing a lot of fresh Florida citrus and/or other gourmet goodies is more likely to be shared, especially during the holidays. Your clients will appreciate it, and so will their friends and loved ones…in fact, you may even consider subscribing some of your important clients to a fruit of the month club to ensure they have regular reminders of your amazing service!

Christmas Gift Baskets Offer Variety

A gourmet fruit basket is a great gift, but the best corporate food gifts still offer a selection. Even without taking people’s individual tastes into consideration, it’s a good idea to include healthy options in your Christmas corporate baskets due to dietary restrictions, allergies and food sensitivities. And healthy corporate gifts needn’t be dull…most people will welcome a healthy corporate holiday gift basket that contains fresh Florida fruit gifts! Be sure to choose a fruit basket for delivery that includes a selection so people can choose what they like best to eat.

Where to Buy Fruit Baskets

When you order fruit baskets online for your clients, you want to show them that your company cares. Because of this, you want to make sure to have your gift fruit baskets delivered by a fruit delivery service you can trust. That’s why you should turn to Hale Groves when you want to order fresh fruit online for your business connections! We’ve been in the business of shipping fruits for almost 75 years, and when it comes to picking fine fruit, sorting it for size and quality, and packing it for perfect arrival, there’s just no substitute for the personal touch and attention to detail we provide.

By taking the extra step of connecting with your clients with a holiday gift, you show that your company has that personal touch that so many clients miss. Make sure your message gets through loud and clear when ship fruit gifts from Hale Groves!

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