Best Food Gift Baskets for the Holidays

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Health is wealth. This is one of the main reasons people send delicious and nutritious fruit gift baskets to loved ones on holidays and special occasions. This old tradition is a sweet, unspoken way of wishing your gift basket recipient a long and healthy life.

Tasty and doubly Healthy

Fruits included in the wonderfully arranged holiday fruit baskets are farm-fresh and are of supreme quality since they are all directly delivered to the intended recipients straight from the tree. The sweetness and juiciness are top-of-the-line since fruits are harvested during the peak harvest season.

Now fruits are not just tasty, they also make a great alternative to artificially flavored sweet treats to satisfy your sweet cravings. Know that when you buy Hale Groves fruit baskets there are numerous health benefits contained in an orange fruit basket, a pear basket, or an apple gift basket; healthy heart, reduced risk of contracting diabetes and cancer, a well-functioning gut, and healthy skin to name a few. You will be more than happy to throw away your unhealthy snacks and start munching on these healthy treats.

Fruit Basket Gift Ideas

September marks the beginning of many holidays and festivities and they coincide with tasty fruits that are in peak season during the holiday months. Check out the fruit basket ideas we have prepared below and choose the Hale fruit baskets that best fit your requirements.

  • Holiday Joy Gift Box ($32.99)Nestled in our exclusive Holiday Joy Gift Box are the holiday’s most exquisite flavors! Friends, co-workers, and loved ones get to enjoy our premium citrus (two each Grove Navel Oranges and Honey-Sweet Tangerines) plus a joyful assortment of sweet and savory holiday snacks, including sugar-n-spice cookies, crunchy pistachios, and foil-wrapped milk chocolates.
  • Buttercream Holiday Frosted Cookies ($39.99)You won’t want to share these treats with Santa, and we can’t blame you! Soft and chewy (as sugar cookies should be) and topped with thick buttercream frosting, these delicious cookies come packed in a reusable holiday-themed tin.
  • Citrus Bucket with Joy Tag ($49.99)Gourmet food gift baskets are popular among different generations. People appreciate the culinary art of fine food prepared elaborately and served aesthetically.  Packed inside a reusable galvanized metal container trimmed with twine and finished with a festive gift tag are succulent citrus (a Ruby Red Grapefruit, Grove Navel Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines, and Petite Cara Cara Navels), Toasted Coconut Cookies, Fruit and Nut Snack Mix and Honeybell Candies. You’ll give it with joy; it will be received with joy! An appealing gift basket at an affordable price!
  • Grove Favorites Trio & Holiday Bundle ($99.99)Holidays are about gaiety and merrymaking. This should be reflected in the fruit basket gracing the joyous event. Here’s a gift with impact: over 20 lbs. of three favorite citrus flavors! Send a full box each of luscious, seedless Grove Navel Oranges, easy-peel Honey-Sweet Tangerines and sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit to a lucky family, friend or client; it’s enough to share for weeks!
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