Citrus Fruits are a Treat to Brighten Fall & Winter

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Specific foods often make us think of specific seasons – apples, pumpkins, cinnamon or corn may evoke images of colored leaves and crisp fall weather, while blueberries, strawberries and cherries might turn our thoughts to 4th of July celebrations and hot summer days.

But what season does citrus make you think of? With their bright colors, fresh scent and invigorating tangy-to-tangy-sweet flavors, Citrus fruits like Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Honey-Sweet Tangerines might bring to your mind thoughts of sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine. Sinking your teeth into the flesh of a juicy Grove Navel certainly shouldn’t make you think of icy winds, short days and snow!

Did You Know Many Citrus Varieties Are Winter Fruits?

Here’s the kicker…many of our favorite citrus fruits in the US are winter fruits, and some of them start coming into season right along with the rest of the fall bounty.

Think about it…what were you sure to always find in your Christmas stocking along with the other assorted treats when you were a child? A Navel Orange, of course, and you may remember, even all these years later, how amazing it tasted. Maybe you chalked up that special flavor to holiday magic (and we’re not denying that could be part of it), but it also owes a lot to the fact that your orange recently was hanging on a tree in a Florida grove, soaking up lots of sweet sunshine before it was plucked and made its way to your stocking.

  • Fantastic Fall Treat: Grove Navel Oranges
    When gathering up orange things for fall (like pumpkins and colored leaves), don’t forget the true orange – Grove Navel Oranges! Available in November, oranges are a terrific addition to your fall and winter diet because they’re excellent sources of vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and combat illness. This is a plus during cold and flu season!

Citrus Fruits Bring the Sunshine Back to Short Fall Days

If you’re looking for ideas for great fall gifts, Navel Oranges aren’t the only citrus fruits available during the autumn months…Tangerines start showing up in November, too, and are in season through spring. With their mild, sweet flavor, easy-to-peel zipper skins and small size, Tangerines are a wonderful snack to include in a child’s lunch box, just when he or she needs an extra bit of vitamin C to help combat the latest virus going around. (They also make a great alternative to the Halloween candy still lurking around!)

  • Snackable Honey-Sweet Tangerines
    A favorite with the lunchbox set, our Tangerines are lower in acidity than Navel Oranges so they’re sweeter and milder. Shipped at their peak of freshness, they’re low in calories and just right for snacking!

Fall Citrus Gifts Offer a Healthy Alternative to Sugary Treats

Speaking of sugar…it’s not uncommon for folks to put on a pound or two between Halloween and New Year’s, and with all the sweet treats floating around that time it’s perfectly understandable. Halloween candy aside, ‘tis the season for pies, cookies and Christmas cakes, and while the aroma from these goodies wafting through the house while they’re baking may be cozy it can also tempt the most die-hard health nut.

Fall and winter are gift-giving season, and while it may be tempting to bake a batch of cookies for a loved one, they may not thank you for tripping up their New Year’s resolution to lose weight before it even gets started. Trust us – a fresh fruit gift is always welcome (and less likely to interfere with food sensitivities)! Grapefruit is another fall/winter fruit, and a fresh holiday treat that won’t contribute to weight gain.

  • Sugar-Sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit
    It’s a great idea to stock up early before the holidays to make sure you have lots of healthy citrus fruit in the house for you and your guests during the holiday season, and our Ruby Red Grapefruit is one you won’t want to miss. Plump, thin-skinned and dripping with nature’s own sweet nectar, these beauties are nothing like the bitter variety you may be more familiar with. Bursting with juice and a sweet-tart flavor, they’re seedless and oh-so good.

Make Fresh Citrus a Part of Your Fall/Holiday Traditions

Apart from eating winter citrus fresh out of hand or adding it to a winter salad or your morning cereal, it can be used to enhance your fall treats in dozens of ways.

Fresh-squeezed citrus is a wonderful addition to cookies and cakes, and many sweet potato casserole recipes call for fresh orange juice. A holiday brunch wouldn’t be complete without fresh-squeezed orange juice and newly sliced grapefruit halves. The quintessential fall spices cinnamon, cloves and aniseed go well with oranges in a variety of baked goods, breakfast breads and drinks. You can also use fresh, delicious citrus juice in smoothies and hot or cold holiday cocktails or dress up a hot toddy, cocktail or cup of hot cider with a slice of Orange or Grapefruit.

Citrus fruits can also be used for making wonderful homemade gifts. If you want to make exotic treats that you can give to your friends and family members this Christmas, use a blend of citrus fruits to make delicious jams, jellies, marmalades or candied citrus peels. And of course, you should be sure to have plenty of Navel Oranges and Honey-Sweet Tangerines on hand to stuff stockings with!

Celebrate the Season with Citrus

Don’t miss having plenty of citrus fruit on hand to help you create your favorite seasonal drinks and dishes this fall. Hale Groves offers a variety of gift boxes containing our most popular citrus fruits in sizes to fit your budget. And you can be sure of enjoying them at their best because they’re still on the tree when you place your order.

Store your citrus in the refrigerator to ensure it will remain fresh and taste great for weeks. Order an extra box of assorted citrus fruit so you can try making new and exciting dishes using Navel Oranges, Grapefruits, Tangerines and other fruits. You’ll love making winter citrus a part of your fall traditions!

  • Treasure Coast Trio
    You may not be able to get to Florida this fall or winter, so let us send Florida to you! In this box of sunshine, you’ll find fragrant and juicy Ruby Red Grapefruit, Grove Navel Oranges and Honey-Sweet Tangerines packaged with four grapefruit spoons (a true Florida favorite). A great gift for anyone feeling the winter blues!
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