When is Deep Red Grapefruit in Season?

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Every bit as sweet and seedless as its ruby red cousin, this bright, glowing variety delivers just as much juice and intense grapefruit flavor. Deep red grapefruit has a warm, crimson-blush outside, which adds depth and richness to the deep, dark red flesh inside. Deep red grapefruit is in season November through March, so it?s a longer peak season than white grapefruit but slightly shorter than ruby red. Choose from one of four trays with six to eight deep red grapefruit, or a Sampler Tray with three to four deep red grapefruit.

Purchase deep red grapefruit for a memorable fruit gift for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. They also make a pretty fruit centerpiece during the holidays, including New Years, Valentine?s Day and more. Purchase them for birthday gifts, anniversaries or for a get-well or just-because gift. They?re healthy?only 60 calories per serving?sweet and your friends and family with be asking for more. Half of one grapefruit provides at least 100 percent of the daily value for Vitamin C.

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