Fun Facts About Florida Oranges

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Florida oranges are the most popular oranges for eating and making juice because of their sweet flavor and juiciness, but most people don’t know that much about Florida oranges. Oranges are the biggest industry in Florida, with tourism a close second. Florida is synonymous with oranges and Floridians think that’s great. They are proud to produce the best tasting oranges in the world. Here are some other fun facts about Florida oranges and citrus that you probably didn’t know:

Ponce de Leon brought oranges to Florida – Back when Spanish explorers were competing to find spots in the New World of America Ponce de Leon discovered the tip of what would later become Florida. The sandy soil of the state and the unique weather conditions made a perfect home for oranges and other citrus fruits and quickly citrus fruit become a staple food for the people of Florida.

90% of Florida oranges are used for juice – It’s true! 90% of the oranges that are grown in Florida end up being used to make fresh squeezed Florida orange juice. The other 10% are sold for eating, usually in holiday gift baskets and other gifts. It might seem like there’s not a lot of oranges left over from juice production to be sold but 10% is still a huge amount of oranges when you consider all the oranges grown in Florida each year.

Frozen orange juice was created in Florida -Yes, frozen orange juice was born in Florida. Floridian businessmen wanted a way to ship and store delicious Florida orange juice easily and cheaply so that consumers could buy more juice. A Florida food scientist created the process still used today to create frozen orange juice and grapefruit juice so that you can go the grocery store and buy frozen orange juice that tastes as good as homemade orange juice.

Florida has more than one hundred million citrus trees – If you were to count up the number of citrus trees at every fruit farm in Florida the number of trees would tower over the competition’s. Hundreds of millions of citrus trees are grown and tended to by citrus farmers in Florida. Some areas of Florida have more citrus trees than people. With new citrus groves being added every year the number of citrus trees in Florida will only keep climbing. Since frozen Florida orange juice can be shipped across Florida or around the world there will always be high demand for Florida oranges.

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