How Much Citrus Fruit Should You Eat Per Day?

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Remember the food pyramid? Most American adults learned about nutrition in schools using the government issued food hierarchy, which showed how much of each food group should be consumed on a daily basis. But times change, and our understandings of how much of a certain kind of food should be consumed regularly has become much more specialized. In fact, many of the standards used to determine recommended daily allowances were originally developed during World War II and have never been updated.

Guidelines, Not Rules For Eating Citrus Fruit Every Day

In general, the food pyramid recommends everyone eat three to four servings of fruits per day. But again, this is “only a guideline, not a rule.” For many groups of people that few servings may not be enough to keep them healthy. People wishing to boost their immune system may take large doses of Vitamin C, hoping its many different healthy and antioxidant properties will help them ward off sickness.

Though Vitamin C carries a very low toxicity, it may lead to indigestion if taken in too great abundance. Also, people with some rare iron overload disorders in their blood should avoid overdosing, for fear of iron poisoning. In general, the US Academy of Sciences recommends 60 – 95 milligrams of Vitamin C per day for normal, healthy adults. They advise against taking more than 2,000 milligrams of Vitamin C per day.
For comparison purposes, a single orange contains roughly 45 milligrams of Vitamin C, while a ruby red grapefruit contains 33 milligrams. Depending on a person’s desired intake, using such fruits as a source of Vitamin C requires only one or two servings per day in order to meet or exceed the daily recommended allowance.

Making The Right Citrus Fruit Choice For Your Lifestyle

The right amount of citrus fruit for you – within recommended guidelines, of course – depends upon your own choices and your own lifestyle goals. Remember that fresh citrus fruit, for example the kind delivered in fresh citrus fruit baskets for the holidays, contains plenty of other vitamins and minerals besides Vitamin C. These nutrients include several recommended daily allowance minerals including niacin, zinc, and others. Above all else, by making the decision to enjoy fresh citrus fruit you are making the decision to take control of your health. That is a decision that will enable you to feel better and look better for many years to come.

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