How to Ripen Grapefruit?

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Red grapefruit is an amazing natural phenomenon which gave a boost to the citrus industry in Texas. People who failed to buy many of the white grapefruit parents of the sweet grapefruit cultivars are now flocking the markets to buy the sweet and juicy ruby red grapefruit.

Grapefruit Varieties

There are many grapefruit varieties in the market such as white or yellow grapefruit, pink grapefruit, and red grapefruit.

  • White Grapefruits are large, yellow skinned, round and have bitter pith, white flesh, and a tart taste that may be undesirable to some.
  • Pink Grapefruits are mutated white grapefruits with pink flesh. The taste is somewhat similar to that of its white counterpart, but people love it anyway because it looks prettier.
  • Red Grapefruits are the true winner when it comes to sweetness, juiciness, and aesthetic value. The most popular among the various red varieties is the Rio Red since it was the first ever red variety discovered, and the Rio Star and Star Ruby as they are being promoted as the reddest and sweetest.

Selecting Grapefruits

Grapefruits typically take 6 months to ripen and can be kept on the tree weeks after reaching maturity without losing quality. But how do you know when they are ripe and how do you ripen grapefruit?

Like all citrus fruits, grapefruits do not ripen or become sweeter once they are harvested so it is important that you know what to look for when selecting grapefruits from the grocers.

There are a few things you should check when selecting grapefruits:

  1. Color is one indicator that the grapefruit is ripe. Unripe fruits usually have green rind that turns to yellow or pink when they have reached maturity. Some ripe grapefruits can have green peel, but it is still safe to wait until the fruits turn yellow and have a smooth, shiny appearance.
  2. Look for fruits that are plump and heavier than they look.
  3. Once you find a fruit that meets the first and second criteria, gently squeeze the grapefruit. If the grapefruit gives a little and bounces back to its normal shape when you release the pressure then you have found a ripe one. Just make sure there are no soft spots as they are indicators that the fruit is damaged or is about to go bad.

If you find it hard to select premium grapefruits you can always purchase grapefruits directly from farms. Since the fruits are hand selected by the growers you can rest assured that the grapefruit gifts you will receive are fresh, juicy and ripe.


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