Spring Gift Basket Ideas

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Quick! What pops into your mind when you hear the word “spring?” Tulips and daffodils? April showers? Easter baskets? A bright, colorful basket – whether it contains flowers or fruit or candy or toy chicks and bunnies – can be truly evocative of springtime.

Christmas gift baskets packed with luscious fresh fruit are always popular around the holidays, and that includes spring holidays! If you’ve never considered sending holiday gift baskets for Easter or Mother’s Day, it may be time to think again – Hale Groves has a selection of gift baskets and boxes that are perfect for spring and take the hassle out of trying to prepare custom gift baskets.

Why You Should Put “Send Fruit Basket from Hale Groves” on Your Spring To-Do List

When sending a gift for an entire family, a family basket containing an assortment of edibles is a good way to go because it’s easy to share. Hale Groves offers several popular fruit and nut gift baskets that are sure to please. The Groves Spring Market Basket is a wonderful choice to let long-distance loved ones and their families know you’re thinking of them during a holiday! With enough goodies to feed a crowd, the beautiful basket contains a large assortment of Grove Select Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Honey-Sweet Tangerines, a tin of Key Lime Cookies, Foil-Wrapped Milk Chocolates, Deluxe Mixed Nuts and many other sweet and savory treats. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

Traditional Easter Gift Baskets With a Healthy Twist

If you’re not keen on the idea of giving your younger loved ones basketfuls of sugar, Hale Groves has some healthy gift baskets that are sure to be a hit! But don’t worry…we didn’t take out the fun of getting a candy basket. The Cheerful Chick Easter Basket guarantees smiles with a mixture of Hale Groves Honey-Sweet Tangerines (just right for little hands to carry and peel) and juicy and tangy Navel Oranges. Also tucked in among the fresh-picked fruit are packages of Jelly Belly Beans, Hale Groves Candied Fruit Slices, and sweet-and-savory snack mixes. Best of all, these tasty items come in an oh-so-adorable felt chick tote that can be used to carry treasures after the treats are gone.

Hale Groves’ Easter gift baskets for kids also include the Spring Flowers Basket. A reusable, flowery, fruit-filled tote is a great gift for all ages with its mix of Grove Navel Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jelly Beans and Fruit and Nut Snack Mix. Not just for Easter – this little tote would also make a great Mother’s Day gift!

Fruit Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Fruit and nut gift baskets are a great alternative to the flowers your mother is used to getting. For instance, Hale Groves’ Baker’s Proofing Basket with Citrus is a gift that keeps on giving, for not only does it contain an assortment of our very best citrus, it comes in a genuine rattan bread-proofing basket, perfect for raising bread prior to baking and presenting the finished loaf for serving. Bakers will especially appreciate this gift!

Fruit Gift Baskets: They’re Not Just for the Holidays

While gourmet gift baskets for holidays are an obvious choice, you don’t need to stop there. For the busy or bereaved, sympathy fruit baskets are another great alternative to flowers, easing stress and offering a celebration of life with each bite. Fruit baskets for gifts can suit many occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries. Filled with premium, fresh-from-the-tree Hale Groves produce, baskets containing fruit are a fabulous way to brighten up your – or someone else’s – spring.

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Hale Groves has a wide variety of gift baskets for Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays, and get-well occasions. Our gift baskets are hand-made and are presented beautifully with options ranging from fresh citrus and fruit to mouthwatering baked goods and other specialty gifts.
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