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    A Look Inside the Groves – September 2022 Hale Groves Update

    By: The Hale Groves Team | On: | Category: Grove Update

    Grove Update: Pear and Apple Orchards This season the Apples and Pears are looking great thanks to a very productive bloom on the trees! We have an excellent fall crop with volume growing to be even larger than last years. As we move our of the Summer heat and into the Fall, the cooler nights will bring out that great, crisp favor we all look for in these tasty treats.

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  • Where Does Fruit Get Its Flavor?

    By: The Hale Groves Team | On: | Category: Fruit Facts

    Did you get a sumptuous fruit gift this season? Fabulous fruit is wonderful – nutritious, low in calories, easy to eat, and – best of all – delicious! But where do the assorted fruits get their amazing flavor? There’s nothing more disappointing than finding a perfect apple, orange or pear…

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  • Hale Groves Fresh Pear Bread

    By: The Hale Groves Team | On:

    Looking for a tasty alternative to traditional banana bread? Redolent with cinnamon and fresh fall pears, this moist, delectable quick bread is sure to get you rave reviews! It’s a great way to use up fresh Bartlett and D’Anjou pears if you have an abundance, too (though you can expect…

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