What Types of Grapefruits Are There?

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Grapefruits are considered to be one of the world’s most nutritious fruits and are a terrific source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients that can help the body stave off diseases and promote overall health. With varying colors and flavors, there will always be a Grapefruit to suit your palette.

Types of Grapefruits

To date, there are 3 types of Grapefruits you can choose from: the sour and somewhat bitter white Grapefruit (sometimes called yellow Grapefruit) which is the progenitor of all other Grapefruit cultivars, the tangy-bittersweet pink Grapefruit, and the sweet but somewhat tart red Grapefruit.

  • White GrapefruitsThe first variety that graced the United States was the Grapefruit white which was first discovered in Barbados. It is sour, acidic, astringent, and an acquired taste. It is no wonder that most people did not favor it when they first tried it. The great thing about white Grapefruits is that once you get used to its sour taste you will be able to appreciate its citrus flavor that pairs well with nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. Fresh herbs and ginger also go well with Texas Grapefruit. The most popular white Grapefruit variety grown in the US is the white Marsh Grapefruit which looks like a large lemon from the outside because of its round shape and yellow skin.
  • Pink Grapefruits – This pink-fleshed cultivar was discovered as a budsport growing on a Walters’ Grapefruit tree in 1907 in Florida, and on a white Marsh tree in 1913, both of which are derived from Duncan Grapefruit. Pink Grapefruits are in between white and red Grapefruits in terms of color, sweetness, and tanginess. Pink Grapefruits are more accepted than white Grapefruits because they are less acidic and pretty to look at.
  • Grapefruit RedWhen you slice open a red Grapefruit, like the Ruby Red Grapefruit, you will be delighted to see a dark pink flesh that tastes sweeter than any other Grapefruit out there with a tinge of tang that is refreshing and simply mouth-watering. The mutated Grapefruit Ruby Red was found growing on a pink Grapefruit tree in Texas in 1929. It became an instant hit because of its appetizing deep-red flesh that is terrifically sweet and juicy. Soon after it was discovered, other growers started developing new sweeter strains of Red Ruby Grapefruit.

When is Grapefruit Season?

Grapefruit season is mostly dependent on where the Grapefruit is grown. Grapefruit trees propagated in Arizona and California bear fruit from January to August, while those grown in Florida and Texas hit the market stalls from October through June. The well-distinguished sweet Ruby Red Grapefruits from Texas are in peak season from October to June and are off-peak from July to September.

Grapefruit vs Orange

Grapefruits and oranges are hard to compare when it comes to flavor and nutritional benefits. Both have flavors all their own, and numerous health benefits that can help boost the immune system and promote good health. The best advice we can give is to try both Grapefruits and Oranges when they are in peak season to enjoy the freshest and best quality fruits you can find.


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