When are Bing Cherries in season?

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You can find apples, oranges, bananas and other fruits all year round any time you go grocery shopping but you can?t say the same thing for cherries. This is one of the main reasons why gourmet cherries are considered a treat when they finally grace the store shelves or fruit stands.

Bing Cherries Season

The delectable and sinfully luscious Bing Cherries are only available for a limited time each year so it is important for you to know when these decadent drupes will hit the shelves for you to be able to enjoy them.

Bing cherry is a midseason cherry variety. Bing Cherries are large, heart-shaped, dark red to purple-colored cherries with confectionary sweetness best for eating fresh, canning or freezing. They are also a quintessential dessert ingredient when they are in season.

Although considered to be the most cultivated variety and the benchmark standard of all fresh cherries for sale, Bing Cherries are only available in July.

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Bing Cherries Facts

Since we love Bing cherries so much it wouldn?t hurt to know a few things about them.

  • Bing cherry was created in 1875 in Willamette Valley, Oregon by horticulturist Seth Lewelling as a crossbred graft from the Black Republican cherry cultivar with the help of his Manchurian Chinese foreman, Ah Bing.
  • Bing cherry is named after Ah Bing, a Manchurian Chinese immigrant who worked as a foreman for the Lewelling family and oversaw the production of the family?s orchard where the Bing cherry was created.
  • Cherries are not only tasty they area also healthy. They contain vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, potassium, boron and anthocyanin – a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemical.
  • Cherries can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of stroke, are good for diabetes due to their low glycemic index, offer Osteoarthritis pain relief, lower risk of gout attack and boost bodybuilding recovery.
  • Since Bing cherries are seasonal premium fruits, sending Cherry gifts to friends, relatives, loved ones, and even business associates would be the perfect way of sharing happiness and good fortune.
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