When Are Honeybells In Season?

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Honeybells are known as the orange-lover?s orange?though they really aren?t oranges at all! Fragrant, seedless, and bursting with sweet juice, this hard-to-find citrus is a unique cross between the richly flavored Dancy Tangerine and honey-sweet Duncan Grapefruit.

The season for Florida Honeybells is quite short?harvested only in January and (when we?re lucky) another week or two into February. Because of their fantastic flavor and limited availability, they?re in huge demand?and very short supply. Share its legendary flavor as a standout gift, delivered after the bustle of the holidays, just in time for the new year. Your recipient will receive a special card in the mail letting them know their Honeybell gift will arrive in January, when the fruit is at its peak of perfection.

Our Honeybells are so delicate, we don?t pick them?we gently cradle each piece of fruit by hand while we clip its stem. Sure, it?s slower and more painstaking than simply plucking them from the tree, but it?s the only way to guarantee that the delicate fruit is absolutely perfect before it?s sent to you!

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