Which Grapefruit is sweeter?

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Because of its tart, tangy, and underlying sweet flavor and juicy goodness that rivals even that of the most popular citrus fruits on the market, grapefruit is considered a tasty breakfast treat that anyone can enjoy. It sits upon a prestigious spot in the world of citrus today, however that was not the case when it was first introduced in 1823.

Bitter Sweet History

The white grapefruit was first introduced to the United States in 1823 but did not become an overnight success like most crops that were cultivated in Florida. It is mainly because white grapefruits are highly acidic and have an acrid taste that does not agree to the palate of many consumers.

Years later the unpopular white or sometimes called yellow grapefruit was brought to Texas and was first planted in 1893. Just like in Florida, the grapefruit did not gain local popularity and failed to impress the general public. Thanks to the headstrong Texan farmers who did not lose hope and dedicated their time and patience in growing grapefruits, a miracle happened in 1929 that gave rise to the Texas Grapefruit industry: the most historical citrus mutation. A sweet grapefruit with red flesh was found growing on a pink grapefruit cultivar. This mutated red grapefruit was later named Ruby Red Grapefruit and became the official State Fruit of Texas.


Although the pink and white grapefruit varieties were banned in Texas since they wanted to focus solely in growing sweet red grapefruits, the state of Florida still continued to grow different varieties of the now popular grapefruit.

Currently there are more than 20 grapefruit cultivars being propagated in the United States and the major yellow-fleshed varieties are Duncan and Marsh.

When it comes to flavor, sweetness and juiciness that meet the high standard of many citrus enthusiasts the Ruby Red and other red-fleshed varieties are number one on the list.

Which grapefruit is sweeter?

The white and pink colored grapefruits are tart and intense while the red grapefruits are typically mild and sweet flavored due to the balance between sugar and acidity levels.

Popular sweet red grapefruit cultivars are Rio Red, Flame, and Star Ruby, which have deeper red color than the older Ruby Red cultivar.

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Grapefruits are rich in vitamin C and a good source of antioxidant lycopene that helps boost the immune system and at the same time fights off free radicals. Other benefits of eating grapefruits include: lower cholesterol level, reduced risk of forming kidney stones, prevention of insulin resistance, and improved heart health.

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