Why Are Fresh Cherries Good For You

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summer-cherriesYou have probably been told a million times before that cherries are good for you.  Truth be known, your mother was exactly right each time she tried to get you to eat them. If you were to receive delicious fresh cherries delivered, here’s a look at the top five reasons you should eat them.

  • Cherries are well known for the anthocyanin pigment that they have, which is a dietary antioxidant. That’s right, so if you want to go on a diet, you don’t have to limit yourself on cherries. Whether it is Bing cherries or sweetheart cherries, you can eat all of them that you want.
  • Fresh cherries, such as Rainier Cherries, are also well known for having lots of Vitamin B and C, which are the foundational blocks for having healthy levels of Folic Acid — extremely important when pregnant — and Riboflavin.
  • Eating lots of cherries is also good for your digestion. If you have found yourself constipated, eating this wonderful summer fruit is sure to increase the amount of digestive juices that your body produces, which enhances your ability to have bowel movements.
  • If you have any type of cardiovascular disease, or if you’re prone to these diseases, you should be consuming lots of cherries because they have high levels of antioxidants, which are great for combating cardiovascular disease.
  • Lastly, cherries are known for having high levels of Melatonin, which is crucial to the health of our immune system. In addition, Melatonin plays a large part in our sleeping patterns. Therefore, for a better night’s sleep, try eating a fourth-cup of these seasonal beauties before you go to bed.

Whether you want to buy gourmet cherries or fresh Bing Cherries or Blonde Rainiers, you can rest assured these delightful summer beauties will bring about many health benefits. can rest assured these delightful summer beauties will bring about many health benefits. When you go to the local grocery store to buy cherries, make sure they aren’t bruised and when shopping cherries online, do purchase them through a reputable, family owned company like Hale Groves. Crops are handpicked and packaged with care by our dedicated experts, delivering the best fruit for your family enjoyment since 1947!

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