2018 Christmas Fruit Gift Ideas

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Fresh fruit makes a great Christmas gift for many reasons. It?s never out of style, it fits the taste of kids and adults alike, and fresh fruit delivers a wide range of health benefits. Historically, fruit has been used for meaningful gifts in many cultures. For example, the Chinese give oranges and tangerines to represent luck and prosperity. Koreans give apples to apologize. And in Italy, oranges are given for Christmas as a sign of a prosperous new year to come. Giving fruit is a time-honored and delicious way to convey your sincere well-wishes to friends, family, loved ones, and business associates.

We have gathered this selection of Holiday gift suggestions just for you, to make your shopping fast and easy.

Original Christmas Tree Gift Box

This gift box contains 6 sweet navel oranges and 3 ruby red grapefruits from our season?s best harvest. The fruit is artfully arranged into the shape of a Christmas tree. The decorations include honeybell orange hard candies, milk chocolates, and mixed nuts to complete this cheerful set.

The Christmas Tree Gift Box is a clever way to spread the festive holiday spirit with a combination of sweet and savory treats.

Price: $39.99

Christmas Citrus 6-Pack

Things don?t always go as planned and holidays can be quite hectic, especially if you have unexpected guests. With that in mind, we?ve come up with our Christmas citrus 6-pack. You can choose between 6 mesh bags of all navel oranges, or a half-and-half selection of oranges and ruby red grapefruits. No extra fuss, just sweet, simple, fresh fruits.

Price: $69.99

Joy Basket Box

This box set is a selection of some of our finest seasonal fruits and holiday treats. Spread some joy with fresh grove navel oranges, honey-sweet tangerines, orchard apples, and D?Anjou pears. The Joy Basket Gift Box also includes chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolates, and our amazing fruit and nuts snack.

If you have yet to complete your Christmas shopping, add this to your list of holiday gifts and be one step closer to wrapping it all up with ease.

Price: $29.99

Holiday Trays

The fruit harvest during the Christmas season is plentiful, and we are thrilled to share the bounty with our Holiday Tray gift set. Only the cream of the crop from the season goes into our Holiday Trays. Among grapefruit varieties, the red grapefruits are the sweetest so we?ve put a pair of them in the set, along with our premium grade navel oranges, tangerines, and cara cara navels.

The set also includes D?Anjou pears and orchard apples along with decadent treats like sugar belle truffles, honey roasted peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, and others, carefully arranged in a beautiful, reusable wooden tray.

Price: ? Deluxe Tray??????????????? $99.99

Large Holiday Tray???? $69.99

Holiday Tray ????????????? ?$49.99

Family Holiday Basket

Relive the fond memories of holidays at Grandma?s house with the best treats, generous helpings, and good cheer all around. Our Family Holiday Basket, created for you with those days in mind, is generously filled with a variety of citrus fruits such as grove navel oranges, tangerines, and petite cara cara navels. It also contains an assortment of sweet snacks such as chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread men, chocolate crunch popcorn, chocolate balls, jelly beans, candy canes, and sugar belles that the whole family can share and enjoy. This generous gift basket is a full holiday party delivered to your door.

Price: $89.99

Holiday Cheer Gift Bag

Santa?s bag is filled with only the best for those who have been nice, and we have followed his example. Packed in each charming burlap sack are our select, tree-ripened grove navels, tangerines, and cara cara navels. We all know that Santa also enjoys cookies and treats, so we have included chocolate chip cookies, mixed nuts, and a crispy treat snowman to complete the holiday cheer gift bag.

Price: $29.99

Christmas Fruit Gifts

Since 1947 giving Christmas fruit baskets from Hale Groves has been a tradition shared among families, between friends, and across generations. In warm, sunny Florida we may not have snow, but we do have vibrant green trees decorated with stunning orange and yellow ornaments, and living garlands of fragrant blooms. You can always trust us to grow and pick the finest fruit in the world, pack it with care, arrange it with creativity, and deliver it to your destination to make your Christmas celebrations shine.
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