5 Reasons Gift Baskets Are Still Popular

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You want to send a special gift to someone, and you have no idea what to get. Then someone suggests sending a gift basket – or maybe you see an ad, or it comes to you some other way. Whatever – sending a gift basket is boring and a cop-out…or is it? The truth is the good old fashioned Christmas baskets you remember getting or still popular today. And here’s something you may not have thought of – they’re just as popular with giftees as they are with givers! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:

Gift Baskets are Great for Most Any Occasion

If you think people buy gift baskets just for Christmas, think again…a beautifully presented gift box or basket is perfect not just for any holiday (Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day), it’s also a great as a get well, anniversary or plain old “thinking of you” gift.” A lovely gift basket can even serve as an impromptu centerpiece!

Tasty treats, tastefully presented. Our best fresh fruit, combined with savory snacks is everything you need for your holiday appetizer spread. There’s truly something for everyone!

Gift Baskets Offer Variety

One reason people love to order gift baskets is because of the variety of items inside them. When the box or basket you send has an assortment inside it, you’re sure to get something your recipient will love! You can even choose an ensemble where your items are packed in a reusable container, making your gift two gifts in one.

Festive fruit & treats add flavor to your gathering. A perfect gift for families or co-workers, this seasonal gift has enough to go around and something for everyone.

Fruit & Citrus Gift Boxes are a Safe Choice

If you’ve ever given someone a gift bag containing a selection of wines and cheeses only to learn later that your giftee recently went on heart meds, you know that some gifts definitely have the potential to be a swing and a miss. There are a lot of dietary restrictions, food allergies and eating philosophies to navigate these days, but fruit baskets are usually a safe (and convenient, since most everyone buys fruit) choice. While it’s true some people are allergic to certain kinds of fruit, you can get around this by making sure the orange gift baskets you order contain a variety of items. That way your recipient has the option to give some restrictive items away while still being able to enjoy a part of your gift.

Our fruit arrives at peak flavor and high color, only picked when it’s reached optimal ripeness. Then it’s packed and shipped within hours—not days or weeks—of harvesting. Send this can’t-miss combo to warm up anyone’s winter day!

Gift Baskets are Shareable

Hale Groves’ beautifully presented baskets make convenient yet thoughtful gift options that can be shared so your gift goes further! If you want to send a gift to co-workers or a family, a gift basket is a great choice because it can be as large or small as you like – the contents won’t go to waste because they can be shared around. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

This charming crate is filled with even more Old Florida goodness, including premium marmalade, orange blossom honey and coconut patties. Plus they’ll find nuts, cookies and a chocolate orange in a gift that’s sure to please.

Fruit Gift Baskets Offer Convenience for Everyone

Hesitant to send a fruit basket because fruit seems so…well, ordinary? We can assure you, fruit from Hale Groves is anything but ordinary! You won’t find fruit like ours in your local grocery store. Our tree-ripened citrus and orchard fruits are left on the tree until they’ve reached their peak of ripeness, hand-picked and inspected for the highest quality, and rushed to you and your recipients while they’re still perfect. By buying your fruit from us, you save your recipients a trip to the grocery store and provide them with premium fruit they won’t find anywhere else!

Never heard of Honeybell Tangelos? These delicious, hard-to-find citrus treats are rarely available in local grocery stores and have a short season, so your recipients are sure to be delighted with them! To sum up: there are many great reasons to get a gift basket for everyone on your list (including yourself), and even more reasons to order your gift baskets from Hale Groves! Check out our amazing fresh fruit and gourmet gift options today to make your holiday gift-giving fast, easy and successful. If you need help, feel free to reach out – we’re more than happy to help!

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