7 Tips for Present Perfect Gift Baskets

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Gift baskets are a wonderful option for just about any occasion and knowing how to choose the right basket can make a huge difference. Here are seven tips that can help you discover just what you need to do to find the right gift baskets for any occasion.

  1. Holiday Gift Baskets?- holiday baskets are a huge draw and knowing what holiday you are shopping for can make a difference in what basket you choose. While shopping online for the holidays, you will find an array of beautiful themed baskets depending on which season you are buying gifts for. The Bountiful Basket for example is just one of the many beautifully handmade basket brimming with fresh fruits and gourmet treats.
  2. Edibles in Your Basket ? what?s in the gift basket is as important as the unique basket you choose, so consider what types of fruits and gourmet foods your recipient enjoys, as well as any allergies. If looking for edible fruit baskets, you will find a wide array of orchard fresh fruits depending on the season. Hale Groves will help you choose the right farm-fresh fruits basket.
  3. Family or Singles – another factor to keep in mind is how many people are going to be eating or enjoying your basket. If you are shopping for one person your basket is going to be considerably smaller. For those that have a larger recipient family in mind, your basket size will be larger and possibly offering an assortment of citrus fruits and treats for example.
  4. Box or basket – the shape of your container can also make a huge difference in what you are sending. Smaller boxes may not be able to hold the large mounds of fruit that are so common in fruit baskets. Hence, you may have to opt for selecting more carefully to be right in point for your recipient. Some boxes do offer some gourmet goodies in addition to the fruit, which can be perfect if you want to send a gift box. Holiday gift boxes are a great option for those that want something fast and thoughtful.
  5. Healthy Gift Baskets – these are a great option and knowing what kind of healthy food to select and include in your basket can help you pick the basket that is right for you or your recipient. Baskets that are full of beautiful and different kinds of fruits are healthy and delicious. Fruit gift baskets are definitely a great option to impress.
  6. Gourmet – you can also choose things like family gift baskets such as the Family Breakfast Feast, full of gourmet goodies. Gourmet gift baskets are a wonderful option that can be enjoyed by the entire family and bring great joy.
  7. Delivery – this is another important element to keep in mind. Those baskets that are delivered may have special restrictions depending on what is in the basket as opposed to other baskets that you are picking up and delivering on your own. Apple baskets and fruit baskets delivered may need to be shipped out by a certain date to assure freshness.

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