8 Reasons Why Fruit Should be a Regular Part of Your Diet

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Do you know why a subscription to a Hale Grove Monthly Fruit Club is such a great gift? It’s because fruit gifts show how much you care like no other gift can!

Fresh fruit boxes are ideal gifts because the who family can enjoy them…and the whole family can benefit from them, too. A healthy, whole food that’s packed with nutrients, fruit has amazing health benefits for people of all ages – especially when you make it a regular part of your diet.

Fruit’s Benefits as a Snack for the Whole Family

As a snack, fresh fruit can’t be beat. It’s all natural (especially when compared to the nutritionally poor, highly processed snacks ads encourage kids to fill up on), low in calories, and high in nutrients. Plus it’s readily available and easy to eat, very often require little more preparation than washing and peeling. For this reason, fruit is an ideal choice for packed lunches.

Fruit is also an excellent everyday dessert. If you’re craving an after-dinner sweet, reach for an orange or a peach instead of a bowl of ice cream…your body will thank you for it!

How Adding Fruit to Your Diet Benefits Your Health

There are many reasons why you should enjoy fruit yourself and look for a fruit basket online for your friends and family. Here are just a few:

  1. Fruit keeps your heart going strong.

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? The good news is that high-fiber foods (like fruit) are proven to improve your cholesterol levels, lowering LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol and increasing HDL (or “good”) cholesterol. It’s true – if you’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol, adding a piece or two of fresh fruit (like an apple or pear) to your daily food plan could produce a marked improvement in less than sixty days.

  1. Fruit helps prevent cancer.

Hard on heart disease’s heels in terms of cause of death in the US is cancer. Statistics show that 1 in 3 Americans suffer some form of cancer in their lifetime, and while some forms of cancer are more serious than others, the risk of developing any of them can be lowered through a healthy diet – a diet that includes fresh fruit on a daily basis, in fact. That’s because fruits are chock-full of cancer-fighting antioxidants (including vitamin C, which plays an important role in supporting your immune system by acting as an antioxidant that protects your cells against free radicals and inflammation.

  1. Eating fruit regularly is not just a smart decision – it can actually help keep you smart, too!

Studies show that adults who eat a diet low in fatty and non-processed foods and high in fruits and vegetables can lower their risk of dementia by up to 35% and age-related memory loss, as well as improve overall cognitive function in kids so they can focus and perform better in school. That’s one more reason why gifts like our Mini Fruit Rainbow which contains apples, pears, and Indian river fruits are great for elderly relatives and families alike!

  1. A diet that includes fresh fruit can help keep you from developing Type 2 diabetes.

Packed with fiber (which stabilizes blood sugar) and flavonoids (which helps your metabolism function better), fresh fruit is an important tool in your arsenal when it comes to avoiding diabetes. Studies show that people who ate 1-2 servings of fresh fruit on a daily basis are almost 25% less likely to develop the disease than those who don’t.

  1. Eating fresh fruit helps you stay hydrated.

Experts claim most Americans what around in a perpetual state of partial dehydration. Drinking water is important – but the good news is that eating fresh fruit can help you meet your daily requirement, too. That’s because certain fruits (like Grapefruit) are high in water content, which helps keep your whole body hydrated. Even eating Apples can help boost your water levels!

  1. Fruit can help you maintain a healthy weight.

This one might seem obvious, but it’s no less true for all that. With all the healthy fiber fresh fruit provides in just one serving, you’ll feel fuller longer even without the extra calories. Plus, fruit is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of a candy bar or cookie. Fruit is a delicious, satisfying way to stay slim and avoid the many pitfalls that obesity presents. And as a snack, it gives you way more staying power than that afternoon doughnut will!

  1. Fruit can help you keep looking young.

Nearly all fruits are packed with vitamin C, and vitamin C does more than help you get over the common cold – making fresh fruit a regular part of your diet can help you maintain an even skin tone and improve your skin’s production of collagen, so your skin stays firmer, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

  1. Fruit can improve your digestion.

Remember when we talked about how fruit is high in fiber? Fiber is great for your digestion, enabling soft, regular bowel movements and reducing constipation. Fiber’s ability to clean bacteria and other building out of the intestines helps lower your risk for colon cancer, as well as keeping you regular.

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