A Look Inside the Groves – December 2021 Hale Groves Update

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From the Groves:

The Citrus is looking amazing this Winter! With the dryer climate conditions and cooler weather the fruit is coloring up nicely and the brix/sugars have surpassed last year‘s at the same time.

Our Sugar Belles have a brix around 11.50 – 12.00 and is more firm with an even better size than last year’s crop! Our sweet and delicious, Holiday Golds Mandarins have an amazing batch as always and eat just like candy! The color is coming along nicely and honestly are a huge customer and employee favorite!

Harvest has begun on both our Navels and Grapefruit. What we have seen come through so far has been absolutely gorgeous in size and color. We expect this to get even better as the days and weeks progress.

Sweet & Juicy Honeybells are just around the corner and the crop is coming along nicely.

We have a heavier crop on the trees than last year and for this time of year they are testing strong and the size distribution is looking really good. As of now it looks like we should start harvesting right around the first of January.

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