A Look Inside the Groves – July 2019 Hale Groves Update

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Looking down a row of our 25 year-old grapefruit you can see how we keep the trees pruned and the ground clean under the trees with grassed centers. This is part of our cultural care program. The trees are kept at a manageable size which aids in the harvesting and movement of equipment up and down the rows and reducing mechanical injuries to the fruit and trees. The ground under the trees is kept clean and the grass middles mowed. This aids in air circulation and helps prevent the harboring of insects.

You can see copper residue on the fruit and leaves. This natural product is sprayed on the trees to protect against fungal problems that can affect external fruit quality. Over the next six months this grapefruit crop will grow to over 4 inches in diameter as it reaches harvestable maturity.

A clean blemish free grapefruit that is approximately two months old and almost 2 inches in diameter. This crop is right on track to start harvesting in November.

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