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hale-indian-river-grovesSpringtime in Florida is unforgettable thanks in part to the fragrance of sweet blossoms of orange, tangerine, grapefruit and other citrus trees perfuming the air. The Florida Department of Agriculture reports that Florida is the second largest top orange producer in the world, with Brazil ranking 1st place. Approximately 95 percent of Florida’s annual citrus crops are used for products and consumption such as juicing, canning, flavorings, and preserves. This is why there is no other springtime like in the orange blossom Indian River citrus district.

Each season, we at Hale Groves, like other Florida growers prepare for crop total sales of about 190 million 90-pound boxes for market, in comparison to California State’s market of 74 million 90-pound boxes primarily used for fresh eating citrus fruit rather than juicing. Another seriously delicious product that comes from the orange blossom Indian River citrus belt is the product of bees pollinating all these citrus fruit trees. The exotic citrus fruit blossom honeys are unmatched for sweetness and flavor, making our citrus fruit gifts the best from our groves to your table.

Hale is located in the heart of Florida’s Indian River district which offers the ultimate conditions to produce the world’s sweetest crops of Indian River citrus fruits. Only grapefruit and oranges grown in this rich, fertile area can be certified and labeled as Indian River citrus. In addition to shipping citrus fruit for processing products, like juices and real fruit popsicles within the United States, the exotic citrus fruit gifts are exported to other countries as well. The best of the crops are hand picked and selected for local and online shopping, offering citrus fruit gift basket sales. This is how Americans can get a taste of their own citrus Florida known around the world.

Citrus lovers will be delighted to find our online fresh citrus store hand-selects and package only the finest, premium orange citrus fruit for their gourmet gift products. There is something about receiving a healthy sweet treat gift that offers a message of deeply felt caring. Visit our website at for a pick at American grown citrus fruit gifts, incredibly sweet and a healthy gift for everyone. Check out our gourmet citrus fruit baskets, beautiful creations brimming with luscious fruit and gourmet delights for delivery right to your door. When shopping for friends, family and business gifts, you’ll love their surprise so prepare yourself for some big, juicy smiles!

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