Are Georgia Peaches Ripe Yet?

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It is summertime again and it is the time of the year again when many fruits are in season. However, not one of them can surpass the popularity of the state of Georgia’s crown jewel “Peaches”.

Sweet Georgia peaches are available only 16 weeks a year and are in season from May to August with July being the peak season. This is the part of the year when fresh peaches for sale can be bought from fruit stands and Georgia local markets. Not to mention, there is also a gigantic, great tasting peach cobbler made by locals and samples are handed out for free tasting.

The drupe fruit peach is very versatile. It has the excellent combination of texture, flavor and nutrition plus you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as an appetizer or dessert or just as a snack between meals. You can also send peach gifts to friends, loved ones or even as business fruit basket gifts.

Types of Peaches

There are over 300 peach varieties grown all over the United States and 44 of them are peaches from Georgia. Having this many types of peaches can be daunting but you do not have to know them all. Just remember the three types of peaches and you are set.

  • Clingstone – Peaches available at the start of the season are Clingstone peaches, wherein the flesh is lightly stuck to the single stone or pit in the center of the fruit. They are great for eating out of your hand, canning, preserving and baking. Examples of Clingstone peaches are:
Variety Harvest
Gulfking May 1-10
Flavorich May 11-20
Crimson Lady May 11-20
Goldprince June 11-20
Rubyprince June 11-20


  • Semi-Clingstone – this type of peach is available from early to mid-season; June 1st to June 20th. Semi-clingstone peaches have the easy pitting and eating of Freestones combined with the juicy sweetness of Clingstones.
Variety Harvest
Juneprince June 11-20
Sureprince June 11-20
Gala June 21-30
Redhaven June 21-30
Caroking June 21-30


  • Freestones – as the name suggests Freestones are peaches with stones or pit that are easily detached from the flesh. Freestone peaches are the varieties you can find in grocery stores and farmers markets. These peaches are great for eating out of your hand, baking, canning and freezing.
Variety Harvest
Harvester June 21-30
Fireprince July 1-10
Loring July 11-20
Elberta July 21-30
Flameprince Aug 1-10


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