Best Juicing Oranges

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Oranges are healthy snack options, and are also the source of the refreshing fresh juice drink. Orange juice is a great thirst quencher, is easy to make, and is packed with nutrients we need daily. Furthermore, orange juice offers a unique sweet, tangy flavor that awakens the taste buds, improves our mood, energizes us, and preps us for the hectic day ahead making it the perfect fruit juice.

As mentioned above, aside from its delicious taste, orange juice contains vitamins and minerals that are essential in staving off inflammation, reducing high blood pressure, lowering risk of diabetes, preventing ulcers, forestalling formation of kidney stones, and promoting a healthy youthful look.

Juicing Oranges

There are tons of orange cultivars to choose from, so which among them are great for juicing? Not all oranges are created equal – some are sweeter, juicier, offer a more intense flavor, and some are better for eating while some are best for juicing.

  • Navel Oranges ? if you prefer drinking refreshingly sweet juices then the sweet navel orange is for you. Navel oranges are large-sized, seedless fruits available during the winter season. Unlike other oranges, you can easily differentiate navels from other cultivars due to the telltale navel-like formation on the blossom end of the fruit.

Navel Orange Nutrition Facts: a medium sized navel orange can provide 90 percent of our daily vitamin C needs.

  • Valencia Oranges ? the most refreshing orange drink to beat the hot summer months! This orange offers the perfect balance of sweetness and tart flavors that are just right for juicing. It has the zing that we all look for in an orange juice blended with just the right amount of sweetness.

Valencia oranges are summer oranges that are available from July through October.

Fun Fact: During hot weather, some ripe Valencia oranges ?re-green? due to over absorption of chlorophyll, causing the orange?s peel to look partly green.

  • Honeybell Oranges ? sweet and overly juicy, that is what honeybell oranges are all about. Because of their easy to peel skin, supreme taste and flavor, and extreme juiciness, honeybells are considered premium fruit in the citrus pantheon. You can easily spot a honeybell by its fiery orange color and unique bell-like shape. However, honeybells have limited availability and very short supply so to get your hands on them you have to order them well before they ripen from December to January.
  • Tangerines ? popular in many regions due to their sweet-tangy, refreshing orange taste, tangerines are a hybrid of the mandarin that offers a less acidic, terrifically sweet, but stronger flavor than other oranges. Tangerine season starts in autumn and lasts until spring. A popular tangerine variety is the Dancy tangerine that parented many other citrus cultivars like the Honeybell.
  • Cara Cara Oranges ? Cara Caras are mutated Navel oranges that look exactly like regular navels from the outside. However, it tastes sweeter and a bit less acidic than other navels. Aside from that, Cara Cara also boasts a seedless, pink interior that is fascinating and appetizing to look at. Cara Cara navels are available from December through May so you can still get some and enjoy the awesome goodness of pink-colored orange juice.
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