Fresh Fruit Storage Tips

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A strong argument can be made that fresh, whole fruit is the perfect snack. Its fresh flavor satisfies our sweet tooth while it’s many vitamins and nutrients keep us healthy. Fruit definitely should be a staple of any healthy diet, but with produces prices rising, it is important to store it properly so you can enjoy it and not let it go to waste.

If you receive any fruit baskets from Florida this holiday season, these tips will help you enjoy it while it’s at its best.

Where to Store: Fridge or Counter?

For the most part, there’s really not much benefit in storing fruit on the counter as opposed to in the refrigerator beyond taste (bananas are the notable exception to this rule).

If you subscribe to one of Hale Groves’ Monthly Fruit Clubs, you’ll receive a variety of different fruit types: pomes (like apples and pears), citrus (like tangerine and grapefruit), and drupe (like cherries), to name a few.

Some fruits are known to continue ripening after they’re picked. Citrus fruits (like Hale Groves’ Florida Ruby Red Grapefruit) do not, and should never be stored on the counter. Pome fruits do continue ripening after they’re picked, so if they arrive ready to eat, you should definitely put them in the fridge right away. Even if your apples and pears are not fully ripe when they arrive, you should watch them very carefully when storing them on the counter…a ripe apple or pear will not get sweeter when left at room temperature; only softer and more mealy.

When in doubt, store your fruit in the fridge. If you prefer the flavor of room-temperature fruit, let it sit on the counter for fifteen or twenty minutes before eating.

Where in the Fridge Should Fruit Go?

Not everywhere in the fridge is right for storing fruits. The amount of humidity most fruits need is different than what the open shelves of your fridge offer, which is why most fruits do best in the drawers, or crispers.

If you receive any grapefruit gift baskets or other fruit baskets at Hale Groves, keep in mind that storing fruits with other produce (even in the crisper) can cause them to go “off” sooner.

Fruit Storage Cheat Sheet

Below, we’ve compiled a list of Hale Groves fruits, where best to store them and for how long. Be sure to share it with the friends you send fruits to as well!

Fruit Storage Time in Fridge Ripen at Room Temp Tips
Pears 5 days Yes Leave on counter no more than 2-3 days.
Apples 1 month Yes Can be stored at room temperature.
Plums 5 days Yes Store in paper bag to ripen faster.
Citrus (all types) 2 weeks (or more) No Can be left on counter, but will not ripen.
Mangos 2-3 days Yes Leave on counter no more than 1 week. Store in paper bag to ripen faster.
Apricots 5 days Yes Store in paper bag to ripen faster.
Cherries 3 days No Store in shallow container for good circulation.
Peaches 5 days Yes Leave on counter no more than 2-3 days. Store in paper bag to ripen faster.


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