Do Cara Cara Oranges Have Seeds?

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When you consider fruit delivery as a gift, it makes sense to go with one of the more exotic and rare varieties that you won’t normally find in a grocery store. That’s where Cara Cara Navel Oranges come in as a great choice!

When you hear the term “Navel Orange,” you probably think first of the classic Navel Orange (also known as the Florida Orange, California Orange, or Washington Navel Orange). Navel Oranges are different to other orange varieties in that they have an underdeveloped second fruit opposite their stems that give them their navel looking part. This is also what makes them seedless. Like all navel orange varieties, the Cara Cara Orange does not have seeds. What it does have is a unique look and amazing taste!

Here are a few answers to some common questions about Cara Cara Navel Oranges:

What Makes Cara Cara Oranges Different?

Cara Cara Oranges look like regular navel oranges on the outside, but they pink or red flesh on the inside. That pink flesh might make one think of a pink grapefruit, but Cara Caras are all orange, with a super-sweet flavor that never needs any added sugar.

Are Cara Cara Oranges the Same as Blood Oranges?

Like the Cara Cara, blood oranges have a flesh that’s different in color from most orange varieties. The two fruits are actually quite different – in terms of flavor, blood oranges are more like grapefruit in their level of bitterness. Cara Cara Oranges, however, are very sweet being lower in acid than other types of citrus, and with a red “berry” undertone. Their color comes from different sources, too – the Cara Cara Orange’s pink flesh comes from lycopene, while the deep, ruby-red color of the blood oranges comes from anthocyanins.

Are Cara Cara Oranges Are a Healthy (as Well as a Delicious) Snack?

A few of the many Cara Cara Orange’s benefits are that they are low calorie, fat-free, and full of vitamins and minerals. Give yourself a dose of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, protein, and antioxidants with every orange. All of these benefits just increase the reasons they are good for you. Plus, the lycopene found in Cara Cara Oranges has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and macular degeneration (a disease that causes vision loss as you age).

Do Cara Cara Oranges Make a Great Fruit Gift?

If you’ve considered sending fruit to a loved one as a gift, Cara Cara Oranges are an excellent choice! Choosing to buy fruit (whether for yourself or someone else) at your local grocery store can limit your choices. When you buy citrus through a reputable fruit delivery company like Hale Groves, it’s easier to find rare varieties of fruit for delivery. Cara Cara Oranges are not readily available in most grocery stores, but Florida gift fruit shippers can deliver them straight from the grove. When you choose Hale Groves to deliver fresh fruit, you’ll get Cara Cara Oranges with incredible flavor and freshness. When you place your order with Hale Groves, your fruit is still ripening and sweetening on the tree. No cold storage – it’s “fruit shipping” done right!

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