Fast Facts About Florida Grapefruit

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Florida grapefruits are similar in many ways to Florida oranges. Both are packed with Vitamin C, which can help boost your immune system and help your body repair itself after an injury. Both also contain Folate, which your body uses to create new cells. There are many vitamins and minerals that the two fruits have in common but grapefruits have some other significant benefits that oranges do not have. For example, grapefruits can help you lose weight because they contain an antioxidant called Naringin which helps the body block the absorption of carbs. Here are some other fast facts about grapefruit that you may not know:

There are three different colors of grapefruit. Grapefruits can be white, pink, or red depending on the pigmentation in the fruit. Grapefruits also run the gamut from sweet to sour depending on variety. It is a myth that all grapefruits are tart or bitter. Many varieties of grapefruit are both sweet and tart which is one of the reasons why grapefruits are a popular alternative to oranges. People who prefer fruit that is not too sweet may prefer grapefruits to oranges.

Grapefruit trees need between six months and thirteen months to produce fruit, depending on growing conditions. Grapefruit trees thrive in a subtropical environment which is one of the reasons why Florida grapefruits are so delicious. The soil and climate in Florida are perfect for producing juicy delicious grapefruits.

Florida grapefruits make up about sixty percent of the grapefruit supply. There are other states that successfully grow grapefruits but just like with oranges Florida stands out as one of the top producers of this citrus fruit. The citrus industry is a billion dollar industry in Florida.

Florida grapefruits are at their peak in September and October, so stock up on grapefruit during those months. Honeybell oranges, Clementines and other varieties of oranges are not ready to be harvested until much later so the early fall is a great time to eat a lot of grapefruit.

Grapefruits are a hybrid fruit. The grapefruit as it is known today was created by crossing a pummelo and an orange. The grapefruit name was coined because the hybrid fruits hung together in clusters on trees like large clusters of grapes.

Even though Florida products more grapefruits than Texas the grapefruit is the official state fruit of Texas. Texas and California are the two highest grapefruit growing states after Florida.

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