Florida Oranges and the Fight Against Cancer

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When the American Cancer Society says that certain lifestyle and or diet changes can help you fight off certain types of cancer, most people sit up and listen. This is especially true of people who may already be at risk for cancer due to hereditary, environmental, or other factors that increase risk. So when the American Cancer Society recently said that juice made with Florida oranges can help reduce your risk of cancer, a lot of people took notice.

The question that many asked was why are Florida oranges such a good thing to eat to prevent some types of cancer? Was this an example of the American Cancer Society simply endorsing a business for money, a type of health lobbying? Though cynics tried to believe this, the truth is that the reason the American Cancer Society made this statement about Florida oranges is simply because it is true. Florida oranges have a lot of vitamins and other goodies in them that help in the body’s fight against cancer. In fact, Florida oranges can also help patients who already have cancer fight it off.

Those at risk for cancer can use a diet that includes Florida oranges to help fight it off because Florida oranges contain Vitamin C and a host of B vitamins. While this does not seem like a big deal and is common knowledge, many people do not realize just how much these particular vitamins do for the human body.

Vitamin C is a noted antioxidant. Antioxidants fight free radicals that humans have in their body either naturally or through environmental toxins that they eat or breathe in. If left untouched, these free radicals can exacerbate conditions that already exist and make it harder and longer to recover. Florida oranges fight these with their vitamins, allowing for faster and better healing because they help eliminate free radicals. In fact vitamin C and the juice and or essence of Florida oranges are even becoming popular in beauty products because they help fight free radicals on the skins surface.

With all of these internal things happening as a result of consuming Florida oranges products, it is no wonder that the American Cancer Society recommends them. Another great thing about Florida oranges in the fight against cancer is that they are available from November through June, so the long season allows for ample comsumption. They are also delicious and can be eaten or you can drink them in the form of a cold glass of Florida oranges juice. Either way, you get the same vitamins and health benefits that you should be looking for if you are trying to stave off cancer or fight cancer that you already have been diagnosed with.

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