Florida Oranges Have the Nutrients to Keep You Healthy This Winter

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If you’re worried about getting sick this winter start boosting your immune system now with Florida oranges. Cold and flu season is on the way, and even getting a flu shot won’t protect you from all illnesses. There are many different kinds of colds and flu germs out there and getting a flu shot will only protect you from a few of them. According to doctors the best way to prepare for cold and flu season to make sure you don’t get sick this winter is to get your immune system in the best possible shape now. Eating Florida oranges and other citrus fruits like grapefruit or tangerines everyday is the most recommended way to boost your immune system so your body has the resources it needs to fight off germs and viruses.

During the winter germs are everywhere, and you could be fighting off more than one strain of cold or flu at any given moment. When your co-workers or kids are sick they will spread germs everywhere and your best defense against those germs is to be as healthy as possible so that your body won’t be weakened by the germs and get sick. Simply practicing good hygiene and washing your hands often or using hand sanitizer is a good way to prevent illness, but to really ward off illness you should be eating at least two Florida oranges a day as well. Eat an orange with your breakfast so that your immune system is nice and strong before you head out to work or get on the train in the morning and have an orange after dinner at night to help your body repair any damage done during the day. Eating sweet and delicious Florida oranges as a dessert at night will also help you keep your weight under control since they have less than 80 calories per fruit.

If you can’t afford to take time off work, or to take time off from your parenting duties, because of a cold or the flu go on the offensive now and stock up on Florida oranges. Keeping plenty of Florida oranges and other citrus fruits in the house during the cold and flu season will give you the nutrients you need to stop illnesses before they start and not get sidelined by the cold or the flu.

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