Fruit Baskets are Fun Way to Decorate For the Holidays

By : | On : June 12, 2014 | Category : Gift Ideas

Make your house look great this holiday season by using fruit baskets to decorate. Fruit baskets are inexpensive compared to lots of holiday decorations, and they last much longer than flowers, plants, and other decorations. Fruit baskets can last through the entire holiday season and still give your family lots of delicious fruit to eat when the holidays are over. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on decorating this year but you want your house to look great use fruit baskets as centerpieces and decorations. Just a few of the places you can use fruit baskets to decorate are:

Doorways – When your guests come in they can be greeted by a cheery fruit basket full of holiday Honeybells, oranges or grapefruits. Because the hearty citrus fruits are wrapped in a protective peel they won’t wilt, spoil, or die like plants would when they are constantly exposed to the cold through the opening and closing of the door. Entryways and doorways can be hard to decorate, but a pretty fruit basket placed on an entry bench or plant stand will make even a dark entryway look great.

Corners – Finding the right decorations for little nooks and corners can be tough. Since there’s usually not much light in those corners plants don’t work, but beautifully bright oranges and other citrus fruits are perfect for brightening up those spaces without a lot of fuss. Decorative baskets with big holiday bows are the ideal decorations for those little hard to fill spots. Low side tables, ottomans, plant stands, shelving units, and even footstools can all become decorative when you place a fruit basket on them. You can even make your own stand by draping a TV tray with a holiday tablecloth.

Tables – Citrus fruit baskets are the fast and cheap way to create beautiful centerpieces for a holiday table. Choose something simple, like an elegant bowl of oranges, or something ornate like a tower of fruit with chocolate and other treats. No matter which one you choose your table will look rich and elegant. Best of all you won’t have to spend hours hunting down the components of a fancy centerpiece and putting the whole thing together. You can have gorgeous fruit baskets shipped right to your door in plenty of time for those holiday parties. Then, after the parties are done, you can eat all the delicious fruit that is left over.

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