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Not sure what to get your long-distance loved one? Shopping at a distance can be tough…it’s harder to get a feel for what your recipients’ tastes may be, or how they may have changed. When you can’t visit often, you also can’t see if the person in question might already have what you were thinking of getting for them. That’s where gourmet gift baskets come in handy!

Why you should put “send gift basket” on your “to do” list.

Don’t be fooled into think it’s a cop-out – sending beautifully presented baskets for gifts is not only a convenient option, it’s a thoughtful one as well – and one that’s sure to be appreciated. A basket of fruits and other items is a great “group” gift, and one that’s sure to have something for everyone. Not only that, fruit and nut baskets are shareable, so your recipient can enjoy it with the whole family, making your thoughtfulness go further.

Not just for holidays.

The notion of getting a basket as a gift may conjure up thoughts of Easter gift baskets or Christmas fruit baskets, but gift baskets make great gifts for many occasions. As get well gifts, healthy gift baskets containing fruit can’t be beat. For the bereaved, sympathy fruit baskets are both a convenience (providing food in a situation where relieving the recipient of a chore is sure to be appreciated) and a celebration of life.

Why gift baskets are still great for the holidays.

This isn’t to say, of course, that gift baskets aren’t still sure-fire so far as holidays are concerned – particularly for those who prefer healthier options! Easter gift baskets for kids don’t have to be full of chocolate – instead of traditional candy gift baskets, you can please the niece, nephew or grandchild in your life with candy, fruit and nut gift baskets, tempering the indulgence with sweets and savories of a healthier variety. The best Christmas gift baskets also contain a variety of edibles.

When sending a gift for an entire family, Easter baskets containing fruit are especially welcome with adults. Choose assortments that include nuts, fruits and other gourmet treats is a great way to send Easter baskets that stand out!

So many ways to celebrate!

Imagine getting a basket of apples at the start of fall, or sunshine basket of citrus to brighten a gray winter day! If you’re looking for affordable options in gift baskets, free shipping is often and option, and with something for every budget, even cheap fruit baskets can be a beautiful way to show you care. So if you’re not traveling this year, consider a fruit basket for your out-of-state loved one!

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