Now is The Best Time to Buy Fall Fruit Baskets

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Gift a Fruit Basket this Fall 2023

Do you love fall? So do we! Fruit baskets for fall are the perfect way to celebrate the harvest season. Colorful fruit baskets make thoughtful gifts and eye-catching centerpieces for upcoming holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Treat your business associates, friends and yourself to fabulous fruit baskets for fall.

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Fresh Fall Fruit Selections

Before we talk about what fruit is in season during the autumn months, it’s worth going over why eating in-season fruit is a good idea. Many fruits are available year-round because they’re always in season somewhere in the world, but there are distinct advantages to focusing on fruits that are in season in your own general geographic location:

  • It tastes better. Ask anyone who’s purchased corn from a local roadside stand – produce tastes best when you eat it shortly after it’s been harvested. Fruit that comes from far away just isn’t going to taste as fresh because it takes a lot longer to get to you, which is why that New Zealand apple won’t taste the same as the one from Washington state. If you live in the US, you should shop for US-grown fruit for best flavor. (It’s worth mentioning that even the US-grown fruit you’ll find in your local chain grocery store is typically three weeks’ out from harvest, while fruit from Hale Groves is usually less than a week out – that’s one of the reasons our fruit tastes so good.)
  • It’s better for you. Fruits that are allowed to ripen fully typically contain more nutrients that fruits that are harvested early. Out-of-season produce is often harvested early to allow for shipping time to your local grocery store. Also, studies show that in-season fruits typically contain the nutrients we need most at the time of year that they’re ready to eat.
  • It’s better for the economy. Purchasing US-grown fruit helps support US growers and maintains US farmland and open spaces. The money spent on US-grown fruit stays is reinvested with other US businesses, while the US-grown fruit is processed locally and distributed to US restaurants, helping to generate jobs.

So what fruits are available from Hale Groves during the fall months? Some of them might surprise you!

  • Plums. Technically, our Empress Plums are a late summer/early fall fruit. Available only in September (which straddles both seasons, these plump and juicy treats are the quintessential cooking plum as well as awesome for snacking. Because of the briefness of the season you won’t find them in our fall fruit baskets, but they’re definitely worth ordering when they become available.
  • Apples. Apples have to be the quintessential fall fruit. Our Orchard Fresh Apples are sweet, crispy, fragrant and oh-so-satisfying. Apples from Hale Groves are not only wonderful to snack on fresh out of hand, these lovely fall fruits are delightful in salads and baked goods. They also make eye-catching centerpieces! Plus, they’re super healthy: apples contain powerful antioxidants, plenty of vitamins and minerals and are associated with lowering cholesterol and reducing skin diseases.
  • Pears. While you’re planning fall recipes for crisps, pies and soups, don’t forget about the many varieties of pears and all their benefits! Attractive and delicious, Pears are one of our most popular fall gifts, whether our customers plan to use them in fall arrangements, send them to loved ones as gifts, or lay in a supply for themselves.
  • Citrus. Told you you’d be surprised! Citrus fruits are either summer or winter, and most citrus fruits seem like that would be more at home in a holiday gift basket (Christmas, not Thanksgiving). But while November may feel like winter in some parts of the US, it’s still fall, and that’s when our Grove Navel Oranges, Honey-Sweet Tangerines and various Grapefruit varieties come into season. Rich in vitamin C, these fruits offer a delicious way to bolster up your immune system ahead of the winter to come and are always welcome gifts.

Why Fruit Baskets Make Great Fall Gifts

If you’re struggling to come up with an amazing gift and have no idea what to get, a gift fruit basket is a great way to go. Just about everyone loves it, almost everyone can eat it, and most people buy it regularly.

Attractively delicious and chock full of health benefits, fruit baskets are always great gifts, but gift baskets containing fruit plus other gourmet treats can go even further to make your gift stand out. Fall is a great time to buy fruit basket gifts for friends and family because the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a time when many people receive lots of gifts both at work and at home.

Sending mixed gift baskets of fruit and other items is an easy way to make a gift basket more special and memorable, as well as a great way to personalize your gift according to the tastes of the person receiving it. While an array of delicious citrus fruit is always a great gift, if you want to send something different this year, try sending a mixed fruit and gourmet treat basket.

A Healthy Alternative to Sugary Candy

This is the time of year when Halloween candy is showing up in stores, but a Hale Groves fruit basket is just as delicious, far more nutritious and beautiful to boot. A lovely gift basket containing delectable fruit and a few sweet treats can be a wonderful alternative to calorie-laden Halloween candy for the kids.

But don’t forget the adults! Fruit baskets for fall are a great way to make the grownups in your world feel special, too. Make sure the baskets are filled with fresh, irresistible fruit selections. Everyone loves to have a big, fancy fruit basket delivered to their home or office.

More To Be Thankful for At Thanksgiving

When you think, “fruit basket,” you’ll have no trouble finding something for everyone on your Thanksgiving list – even those you can’t be with during this special season. Gift baskets are ideal for sending to those loved ones you won’t be joining this year, as well as for presenting to those you are as a host/hostess gift. Our selection of Thanksgiving gifts includes a wide variety of farm-fresh fruits from our groves and orchards as well as candies, nuts and baked goods from our kitchens and bakery, so you can find something for every taste.

Don’t forget to order a fall basket for yourself to use in place of a fake centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. Fruit baskets are much like the traditional cornucopia, and add a festive feeling to the Thanksgiving holiday. And not just for family…if you’re sending a gift basket to a to clients, business partners, and/or employees, a corporate gift that contains an assortment of fruit and treats that appeal to a variety of tastes is also a smart plan.

Fall fruit baskets make the autumn season even more special. A fall fruit gift basket from Hale Groves embodies what the season is all about: fabulous food, warmth, family and friendship, and great memories. Make this year special by shopping from our assortment of fall fruit baskets now!

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