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Florida ?The Sunshine State? is heavily focused on the tourist trade and famous for the many great destinations it offers like Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Miami Beach, Kennedy Space Center and Adventure Island to name a few. Aside from its popular theme parks and world renowned tourist areas, Florida?s economy is also dependent on agricultural products like citrus fruit, sugar cane, tomatoes, strawberries and cattle.

The climate in Florida which is humid sub-tropical to tropical makes it conducive for planting citrus trees. The summers are long, warm and fairly humid while winter is mild and occasional cold air can arrive bringing slightly colder temperatures in summer and warmer temperatures in winter. This weather is perfect for growing fruit producing citrus trees.

Citrus Fruit Trade

Florida prides itself of producing high quality citrus fruit and when it comes to their citrus fruit trade, Florida had come up of different ways to use their crops. Aside from selling citrus fruit in local markets and shopping centers, they now sell their products online which results in shipping fruit all over the United States.

Why Buy Fruit From Florida?

  • By selling their produce online, Florida made it easier for people to get their hands on different seasonal fruits that are not available in other states.
  • The thriving citrus trade in Florida has given rise to the fruit gift baskets industry where people are calling fruit farms for fruit gifts or ordering fruit baskets online to send to family and friends. The fruit basket gift is trending nowadays and can be sent to celebrate different occasions like mother?s day, father?s day, get-well soon occasions, birthdays and more.
  • The beautifully crafted baskets of fruits gifts usually combine a variety of mixed fruits like navels, Temple oranges, mandarins, Honeybells, grapefruit, cherries, peaches and sometimes include premium nuts. People can also get the fruit of the month club wherein they or their loved ones get in-season fruits on the 1st week of the month for 12 months.
  • Another great thing about Florida is that from the time the tree was planted until the fruit is ready for harvest, they are given professional care. The fruit is hand-picked and hand-packed so fruit is fresh and undamaged. When you order a fruit basket you can rest assured that you will only get top of the line produce the fruit boxes will be delivered right to your door.

If you are looking for something extraordinary that would please every taste and budget then Florida fruit and nut combos, samplers and fruit boxes are just what you are looking for. From heart-healthy fruits to delicious gourmet pastries and cakes to chocolate holiday gifts, there is always something for everyone from Florida. Furthermore, the fruit is fresh, luscious and savory with flavors ranging from sweet to tangy. You can also add in nuts to create the perfect mix and balance the taste and texture. These gourmet fruit basket combos are beautifully presented and taste heavenly.

If you have not tried sending yourself or your loved ones fruit gift baskets from Florida do yourself a favor and order one now to experience a treat you have never had before.

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