Fruit Gifts to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

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Are you looking for a gift for a friend or family member who takes his or her health seriously? If you’d like to honor and encourage your loved ones’ healthy choices and give them something they’ll love and enjoy, you should definitely one of Hale Groves assorted baskets of fruit. A citrus delivery from Hale Groves is an ideal gift for a birthday, holiday, Valentine’s Day, or any day! That’s because Hale Groves has many fun, unique and delightful citrus gift baskets to choose from, all packed with premium fruit the like of which you’ll never find in your local stores.

Sweets for Your Sweet

Why send your honey chocolates on Valentine’s Day when you can send Honeybells instead? Fresh from our Florida citrus groves, the Honeybell Orange is a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo and makes a healthy gift everyone can enjoy.

Honeybells aren’t the only fresh oranges for sale from Hale Groves – or the only citrus treats! Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit is always a hit with health nuts because it’s plump, thin-skinned, and dripping with sweet nectar that makes it unlike any other grapefruit variety.

From being rich in vitamins to containing powerful antioxidants, there are so many benefits of incorporating fresh fruit into your diet. Next time you’re looking to send a sweet treat think of fresh fruit by mail, which contains natural, unprocessed sugars!

Far from being thoughtless, fruit delivered by Hale Groves is a welcome change from the flowers, candy or bath products you may have gotten your sweetheart in the past. When you order citrus and other fresh goodies from Hale, you’re sure to make an impression!

Fruit Gifts Don’t Have to Be Dull

When you buy fruit boxes from Hale Groves, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied because we believe our perfectly ripened, fresh-from-the-tree fruit stands on its own, but if you want to jazz things up a little for an even more impressive gift, you can do that, too! In addition to our famous citrus baskets, you can order fruit baskets online that contain a variety of fruits or citrus gift boxes that contain other gourmet treats (our Spring Basket Box is especially popular, containing an assortment of fresh citrus, gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Jelly Belly® beans, and saltwater taffy (because sometimes even health nuts want to indulge).

Online Fruit Baskets in Reusable Containers

Make your gift of fresh fruit go even further by sending it in an attractive, reusable container. Many of our sturdy, reusable rattan baskets can be used for planters and centerpieces, and other gifts, but we also offer functional containers like our Baker’s Proofing Basket with Citrus (a fabulous gift for folks who love to bake their own bread) or our Old Florida Orchard Crate, which contains twenty pounds of Sunshine State goodies packed in an impressive, old-fashioned wooden orange grate.

Why You Can Trust Hale Groves

When it comes to choosing a fruit delivery service, you can’t go wrong with Hale Groves. When you order citrus online, you can rest assured that the fruit is still on the tree at the time you place your order, where it will stay until it’s reached the peak of flavor and ripeness. We’re very picky about quality, so only the best will do, and then we package it carefully so it comes to you fresh and perfect. And if for some reason you or your recipient are not perfectly delighted, we won’t rest until we’ve made it right.

So, whether you’re looking for healthy gifts for healthy loved ones (or loved ones who want to get healthy), look no further than Hale Groves for the best fruit gifts online.

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