Get All the Vitamin C You Need from Tangerines

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Many people will eat tangerines since they are known for their many excellent health benefits. At the core of these many benefits is the presence of Vitamin C. The sheer number of health benefits that Vitamin C provides are almost too numerous to lost. Honestly, most people are not interested with a complete catalogue of the benefits. They simply place tangerines under the category of “healthy foods” and add them to their shopping list. However, some may feel tempted to take their Vitamin C in the form of supplement capsules. While this is not a bad idea, it is far better to take the Vitamin C in its original form via eating tangerines.

Some may wonder why this is so. After all, is not Vitamin C the same no matter what form you take it? Technically, this is true. But, the absorption of the vitamin in its natural form is much, much better. Capsule forms of vitamins are fine when you have very limited options in terms of your diet. For example, someone that is on the go a lot may have to resort to taking their vitamins in capsule form. Those that have a little more freedom with preparing their food choices should stick with eating the actual tangerine since its delivery of Vitamin C will be much more beneficial.

Why is this? Generally, the body’s ability to absorb vitamin and nutrients will be enhanced when they are delivered in their natural state. When you take Vitamin C in the form of a capsule, much of the vitamin will not be properly absorbed by the body. In fact, a lot of it will be excreted without ever even being properly metabolized. Some may find this shocking but it is true. On the other hand, when you eat a tangerine, you will discover that the vitamin will absorb into the body in a much more complete manner. This means you will reap the benefits that the vitamin delivers in totality and not have to deal with the absorption limitations associated with capsules.

Also, capsules have a tendency to upset the stomach or cause abdominal pain. While the pain will not be debilitating unless you really overdo it, no one should have to deal with physical discomfort unnecessarily. Again, eating the tangerine in its natural state will be devoid of having to deal with the aforementioned problems of discomfort. So, follow some basic simple advice: if you need a lot of Vitamin C, use natural sources such as tangerines as they are the better option than capsule supplements.

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