Best Gift Baskets for New Parents

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Becoming a parent for the first time is exhilarating – and overwhelming! Looking for a great gift for a new parent? Toys and baby clothes are great (and so are diapers), but they’re for the baby – good gifts are great because they’re something tried, hungry new moms and dads can enjoy! Sustain the new parents in your life with Hale Groves sustaining gourmet gifts and fruit baskets for sale – they’re sure to be appreciated!

Here are 5 awesome gift ideas for new parents:

  1. Good Morning Breakfast Box, Only $49.99
    Going out to eat with kids is difficult under any circumstances—but it’s basically impossible when you have a newborn. Treat your new parent friends to breakfast with the Good Morning Breakfast Box! A step above ordinary grapefruit gift baskets and orange fruit baskets, this special, no-fuss breakfast box is a welcome special occasion gift. They’ll enjoy our Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Grove Select Oranges all together in our exclusive gift packaging. Both refreshing and filling, this assortment will go beautifully with their coffee (which you’re sleep-deprived friends will likely be indulging in!).
  1. All Season’s Fruit Club, as low as $30.00/mo.
    One of the challenges of having a new baby is that you’re short on time. Enter the perfect fruit gift…our All-Seasons Fruit™ Club! Monthly fruit baskets are easy to send, delicious to receive and guaranteed to win you rave reviews. Best of all, the new parents in your life will be treated to the season’s best, healthiest and freshest fruits each month – no trips to the store needed.
  1. Chocolate Nut Cookies, Only $27.99
    After nine months’ of eating healthy, we’d say a little indulgence is in order for the new mom in your life! These delectable, chewy, chocolatey cookies are made-from-scratch and bursting with rich chocolate flavor highlighted with crushed pecans and a light dusting of powdered sugar. They go great with coffee and are easy to eat one-handed (in case she has a baby in the other!). Packed in a reusable gift tin, this is a beautiful gift.
  1. Orchard Fruits, starting at $27.99
    The lovely thing about orchard fruits (besides how delicious and healthy they are) is that they can be eaten one-handed, so new parents in need of a quick, tasty and nourishing snack can enjoy them without missing a beat. Hale Groves offers a wide variety of delicious fruit that can easily be eaten out of hand including (depending on the season) creamy Comice Pears, crispy Orchard Apples, succulent Empress Plums, and sweet Georgia Peaches (to name a few).
  1. Gourmet Gift Baskets, starting at $29.99
    There’s so much to choose from among Hale Groves’ selection of gift baskets…select a basket of oranges for the new parents, or a pear fruit basket containing orchard fruits such as they’ll never see in stores. The premium fruit in our citrus gift baskets and other fruit and treat boxes are always sure to please where other, run-of-the-mill baby gifts fall flat. Healthy, delicious, and guaranteed not to clutter up the house with toys, food always fits!
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