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Good jobs can be hard to find – and so can good bosses! In fact, surveys show that more people would prefer a better boss over a higher salary. That’s because whether your boss is good or bad can make all the difference in the world to the quality of your work life, your success as an employee, and the success of the company you work for (thereby affecting job stability). And a good boss can have a long-reaching effect all throughout your future career, even if you no longer work together.

Did you know there’s an appreciation day just for bosses? National Boss’s Day is on October 16, so if you have or have had a great boss, show your appreciation by celebrating it this year – after all, a good boss would do the same for you!

If you would like to reward your boss for being a great mentor this year, here are 5 great gift ideas we’ve put together for you that are based on what employees find most valuable in a good boss:

  1. Does your boss clearly communicate your company’s vision?

If you want to make a difference at your job, knowing your company’s vision, mission and goals is essential. If your boss is great at clearly communicating your company’s vision, celebrate that trait with a gift selected from our assorted grapefruit gift baskets!

Not only is grapefruit delicious (our Ruby Red Grapefruit is so sweet it never needs sugar added!), but a serving of grapefruit also gives you 19% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, a provitamin that’s crucial for helping you maintain good eye health.

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  1. Is your boss supportive?

Employees who work for a supportive boss are far likelier to be happier, less stressed and more productive. Good bosses aren’t pushovers but are supportive of the work-life balance that’s so important for living a full, happy life.

If you find your boss to be supportive, support him or her in return with apples! Gift apples from Hale Groves (like our Orchard Fresh Apples) are sweet, crispy, and bursting with incredible flavor. And you’d be hard put to find a fruit that’s more supportive of your overall health – after all, it was Benjamin Franklin who said, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” That’s because making apples a regular part of your diet has proven to lower the risk of many major diseases from diabetes to cancer.

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  1. Does your boss provide you with valuable feedback?

A good boss will help you to develop as an employee by coaching you and providing feedback. Valuable feedback helps establish good relationships, leadership and cooperation.

Choosing to mail gift baskets to your current or past bosses is a great way to thank them for coaching you along the way. Celebrate the great conversations you’ve shared over coffee with a gift of coffee cake, like Hale Groves’ popular Lemon Poppyseed Coffee Cake.

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  1. Does your boss share credit for accomplishments?

There are few things more demotivating than working hard on a project with your team, only for your manager to claim all the credit with the higher-ups at your company. No good boss would ever fail to acknowledge the input of his or her team – a good boss would point out the individual contributions and stellar work of the staff that made the project a success.

If your boss is great about sharing, give him or her a gift that can be shared with friends and family! Hale Groves has a wide variety of fruit gift boxes that contain an assortment of delicious, tree-ripened fruit, gourmet sweet and treats and more.

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  1. Does your boss make work fun?

Having a fun working environment is something every employee can appreciate! Bosses who work to create a fun workplace by holding monthly potlucks, birthday celebrations, or door decorating contests not only make the workday more fun, but also foster team building.

Florida citrus fruit gifts from Hale Groves, whether they contain a variety of fruits alone or are accompanied by an assortment of gourmet goodies, are always fun to receive because they are not only delicious – they are colorful, fragrant, and give one a taste of the tropics.

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