Gift Guide: Monthly Fruit Clubs for Seniors

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Do you sometimes find it difficult to come up with a unique gift for the honored citizen in your life? Join the club – the fruit club , that is! Seniors often have seen it all and already have most everything they want, but you can still surprise and delight them just by subscribing them to a fruit-of-the-month club.

A gift that keeps on giving.

There are many advantages to giving a gift of the month club subscription. For one thing, a fruit club subscription truly is a gift that keeps on giving! The rush of joy your recipients experience upon receiving their gift box isn’t limited to the holiday or a birthday…each month, a fresh reminder of your affection arrives, reminding your loved one of you and letting them know you’re thinking of them in return.

Multiple gifts in one.

When you give the senior citizen in your life a monthly fruit club subscription, you’re actually giving them more than just fruit – you’re giving them safety and convenience as well. Instead of having to drive to the store (or find someone else to do the driving) to purchase fruit, quality, fresh-from-the-orchard fruit right to your gift recipient’s door – something they will appreciate even more during winter weather and flu season!

Why it’s a good idea to go with a fruit club.

When considering different gift of the month club ideas, you might be tempted to go with something a bit more exotic, like a nut of the month club or a honey of the month club. You may even consider skipping the edible option altogether and going with a hobby option like a button farm club. Keep in mind that, unless you’re sure about the recipient’s interested, your gift might just wind up occupying space your senior doesn’t have!

And before you consider that affordable cheese of the month club you heard of, remember that fruit has universal appeal – chances are you’ll find fruit of some kind in just about every kitchen in the US (and if you don’t, you should – a gift of fruit has a wealth of nutrients that mean you’re giving health as well as taste). A jelly of the month club gift set might look attractive, but so does a box of quality fruit, and you’re far less likely to run into dietary restrictions. If you’ve ever looked up Tasters Club reviews, you’ll see how awkward it can be when a well-meaning giver finds he or she has subscribed someone who doesn’t drink alcohol!

But isn’t fruit kind of a commonplace gift?

Not on your life! The best fruit of the month club (like ours at Hale Groves) will always offer fruit that’s anything but commonplace. You can see by fruit of the month club reviews that the produce you get is some of the finest available through organic fruit of the month club options, fresher and of far betting quality than what you’ll find in a local grocery store chain.

Then there’s the variety…one of the best things about subscribing someone to a monthly fruit club is that they’ll  get to sample varieties of fruits they’d never see in a grocery chain. You don’t even have to go with an exotic tropical fruit of the month club, because each month Hale Groves will provide your loved one with something different, from Honeybells, Cara Cara Oranges, Honey Mandarins, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Mangos, Fuji Apples, and more.

Keeping it manageable.

Seniors will love getting a box of fruit each month because also enjoy sharing it with visitors (particularly the grandkids). But if you’re planning to subscribe an elderly parent living along or a pair of empty nesters and you’re worried they’ll have more than they can eat in a month, you can choose a plan that has a smaller selection or a shorter duration. (This will also help you stay within your budge.)

So this year, don’t fret over what to give the seniors on your gift list…with a monthly fruit club subscription, you’re sure to hit a homerun!

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