Honeybell Oranges are the Unofficial Fruit of the Holidays

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What food brings to mind the holidays for you? Honeybell oranges are the unofficial food of the holidays for thousands of people because the only time they get to enjoy the delicious taste of Honeybell oranges is during the holidays. Along with special holiday treats like decorated sugar cookies, rum balls, gingerbread men, and candy canes Honeybell oranges conjure up memories of past holidays and families gathering to enjoy each other’s companyduring the winter cold. Are Honeybell oranges part of your holiday memories? If not, they should be.

Honeybell oranges are a specialty fruit that was created by cross breeding a tangerine and a grapefruit. After many tries the food scientist who created the Honeybell was rewarded with a fruit that was spectacularly sweet and exceptionally juice. Honeybell oranges have a unique shape that makes them look like ringing bells, which is one reason why they are the unofficial fruit of the festive holiday season. They also have a pebbly skin and a brilliant orange color that makes them as beautiful to look at as they are sweet to eat. Honeybell oranges are used to decorate for the holidays and to make succulent holiday dishes that the whole family will enjoy. And, Honeybell oranges are often used as stocking stuffers in Christmas stockings.

Honeybell oranges are also often given as corporate gifts, and the arrival of a certificate indicating that Honeybell oranges are coming often signals the arrival of the holidays in offices all over the country. Because Honeybell oranges don’t come into season until late December when you buy Honeybell gifts the recipient receives a certificate letting them know that delicious Honeybells have been given to them and will be shipped as soon as they are ready to be picked. Since most offices are closed during the Christmas holidays it’s more convenient for the office workers to receive these gifts after Christmas when the offices are over. Walk into any office the week after Christmas and you’ll probably find several baskets of Honeybell oranges sent by clients, vendors, and fans.

Honeybell oranges influence the holidays in many ways but they are always part of the winter holidays. If you’ve never tried Honeybell oranges or if it’s been a long time since you had any this is the year to try some, or try them again. Order some Honeybell oranges for the holidays and see why this tasty fruit is the unofficial fruit of the holidays.

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